Thursday, March 22, 2012

Download Super Sprint Version 1.1

About a week ago, during my "Spring Break," I added some more stuff to Super Sprint.  Nowadays any programming I do is aimed towards schoolwork.  All my future Super Sprint endeavors will be dedicated towards online gamplay.  So rather than leave traces of useless online source code in the build, I'll give you all the stuff I got for now to hold you off.  I've already made some progress with the online UDP code but nothing cross-computer yet.  Just be patient.

Click on the words "Click here to start download from sendspace."  Watch for ads that say "Download."

There is hardly anything new in terms of gameplay.  However, there are several BIG CHANGES:

* Tire smokes and skidmarks.  Both fade away after a certain amount of time.  Apparently, on the laptop with the source code, the above lines are see-through.  On another computer (the one I snapped the pics), the lines are thick like permanent markers.  You can thank OpenGL for being incredibly consistent.  I hope the lines are translucent on your computer--I only tested this on two comps so far.  If the skidmarks are distracting, then press F2 at any time to enable/disable them.

* Press F1 at any time to toggle the game volume--high, low, mute.  In case it's too loud.

* Much improved sound effects!  More realistic engine sounds with "gear changes."  If you retain 100% speed over time, the engine reaches a staggering pitch.  Also incorporated more cleaner SFX from the actual Super Sprint game.

* The Finish Line conundrum finally solved!  Plus you get a best lap time at the end of each race.

* Classic colors if you want to play 4 cars with the old red-yellow-blue-green combo.  While in a 4P car select screen, press the left/right arrow keys to change between "original" and "all" colors.

* Fireballs when you crash.  No choppers yet...

* You can pause the game before the green flag/gunshot.  It is mildly annoying when racing games won't let you pause until the race has actually begun.  I'm looking at you, Forza.

* Other minor bug fixes you wouldn't notice.

Throw your suggestions into the bin.  Better keyboard configs and collision detection come to mind but it's going to take a while.


Revision History: Download version 1.0 here.

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