Sunday, October 7, 2012

SEGA Games Versus RACING Games

Here on this site, we like Sega games.  But we also like racing games.  Question is you had to pick between the two, which would you go with?  Would you take a SEGA game or a RACING game???  To reiterate, a Sega non-racing game or a non-Sega racing game.  It's like  Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail, the 50-50 on Millionaire, or Facemash from The Social Network, just pick whichever frickin one you like more.  You MUST pick one, not two, not zero.  Here are the two quality games to choose from, choose wisely.  Seriously, just pick one.


A. The SEGA game.


B. The RACING game.


Wow, what an riveting psychological question...which is more important to you: SEGA games or RACING games.  WHICH SIDE OF THE FENCE ARE YOU ON???  WHERE DOES YOUR ALLEGIANCE LIE???  And I just blew it with such a shallow post and two lousy games.  Man, I am a lousy blogger.

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