Sunday, March 10, 2013

First Week On The Job & Moar Sega Racers

Well hello there, everybody.  It's been a while since I posted because I've been readjusting to Orlando, particularly my new job and my crappy old apartment.  So about my job, I am a "Junior Software Engineer" at a modest game studio here in Orlando.  I can't tell you what studio it is and I ESPECIALLY cannot tell you what game I'm working on.  I literally found out the game I would be programming for the day I arrived. I will give you a few hints though:

1. It's a third-person shooter.
2. It's done in the Unreal 3 engine.
3. It has driveable vehicles in it.
4. It's a "clean, family-friendly" game (as in I don't find it completely repulsive)

That's all there is too it.  I started working on the vehicle stuff when I arrived!  In a few months, if this game is greenlit, then the game will be announced.  I don't want to talk about it anymore since I've come close to dropping buzzwords that would give it away.

Since I wasn't fired yet, I celebrated by eating five Chipotle tacos and two Jello pudding things.

Oh, also in local news, remember that Warp Derby game made at my grad school I told you about last December?  Well it survived Vertical Slice and will be made into a "full" game by the end of August!  So we all wait in aniticipation for another generic UDK drive/shoot-em-up (just kidding, it'll be awesome).

Also, I'm fairly certain everyone has seen this.  So a site called Liberty Games (which specializes in arcade machines) posted an infographic of many Sega racing games with pictures and a description of each.  I actually got an e-mail from these guys, saying "Hey I saw your blog, we like Sega games too" and other compliments.  I think they may have seen my Sega Racer Timeline (which still needs to be updated BTW) but I don't care, I really appreciate the comments.

You can read the whole thing here.  Now I wouldn't say it's the whole history of arcade racers--it's missing some like Scud Race, Indy 500, Initial D, Rad Mobile but it covers many of the popular ones so it's not that bad.  It also mentions Drivemobile, Motocross/Fonz, and Head On (Apply Directly to the Forehead), old-ass games that only teh hardcore Sayguh nerdz would remember.

Look at it...just look at it...that's the first Sega racing game there, ladies and gents.
1968, the birth of a movement.  THANKS, FLIPPERS.

Great job Mr. Poster Artist, it's like I'm looking at a colorblind test!!

Anyway, one more Sega racing game I never knew about until recently.  It's called "Storm G."  It's one of those strange Sega "amusement park" arcade games that you'd find at the Joypolis park in Tokyo.  You drive a bobsled through a bunch of pipes (errr, F-Zero?  STUN Runner?)  as the capsule-shaped cabinet rolls back and forth.  I imagine a couple of visitors had become ill playing this but it doesn't look as violent as you'd think.

I'll get back to you guys later with a couple more racing games and EA diatribes.  Just be patient.

Patient, MY ASS.....


  1. Ah, the perils of SIMCITY's major "Always Online DRM" + server crash...I don't actually have that game, luckily enough.

  2. About simcity....