Monday, March 4, 2013


Wow, you guys, the day after my birthday (you READ the last post in full, did you???), I make the 1,635,632th 9-hour Louisiana-Florida road trip back to my old apartment for video game work starting MONDAY.  I only stopped to refuel ONCE.  I'm a boss.

I'm on a Top Gear UK kick.  I was watching it at home in Louisiana on Netflix.  One of the episodes they drive in cheap used cars along a similar route as me.  And this is one thing that happened:

I saw the Florida Road Trip episode and laughed my ass off at this's so brazen that you would paint "MAN-LOVE RULES OK" in pink on the side of your truck and drive through Alabama.  No way, they just did that, trolled 'em, HAHA!!  And Fat Stig, man, the US was the butt of every joke that episode.  I didn't even bother showing it to the rest of my family since I knew they'd flip their s*** over it.

EDIT: Worth mentioning there's more controversial Top Gear episodes like this.  I recently watched the Middle East and India road trip episodes.  When they got to the parts where they showed the "baby Jesus" and the "Shit for your company/Eat English muff" signs, my laughing woke up everyone in the house....come on, get a grip people.

But I don't care.  It's the British humour I like...they make fun of EVERYTHING, including their cohosts whom they insult and sabotage their cars constantly.  I mean I kinda do that, I make fun of every video game there is basically.  And besides, here in the states were are a little bit fat and anal when it comes to these things.  We say 'MURICA, they say INGLIN', just deal with it. I love America but prefer the UK Top Gear to the US one...

Oh, and I'll just leave this here.  Yu Suzuki is considering a Kickstarter for Shenmue III.  Can we raise the $50 mil we need?  I guess so, let's find out!  *sleeps before first day of work*


  1. Hello again, sorry if i'm bothering you. But you know the Daytona USA 2 Big resource pictures compilation? Yeah well i just found out that the car was actually real, where would it be today? Please don't say it got destroyed/crushed.

    1. It was either crushed or scrapped for Need for Speed car parts. No man, I have no clue what happened to that car but odds are we don't wanna know. Ask Nagoshi-San if you run into him in the elevator...

  2. Hi Eric..Belated Happy Birthday! :) Good luck with your job BTW....let's hope you can make something special!

    Hopefully I can get to London soon; that's the only place I know with a Daytona USA 2 cabinet now. Recently made some videos regarding my memories of Sega Park...just me talking but you can have a look here if you're interested:

    Take care.....

    1. Thanks rjay. WOW, that was an intense video, that was good to hear... :D