Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More Stuff On 90's Arcade Racer (With Crying)

A new video from yesterday.

"Games have become too extreme (Burnout), wacky (Mario Kart), photo-realistic (Gran Turismo)." - paraphrase the guy

"We lost these 90's arcade racers that have soul and are really fun to play." - paraphrase the guy again

At 1:00, does the guy wipe away a tear?  I did at at the same time.

Spotted the Aquarium tank (Scud Race), dinosaur skull (Daytona 1), etc.  Stuff from previous games we've already seen before.

4:10, the CHECK sign is back!!!  

4:14, looks like a rocket ship or a scud missile.  Daytona 1 and Scud Race, lol.

4:35 looks like Sonic Mountain turn on Beginner on Daytona 1.

4:40, the glass sheet up above reminds me of the Forest Dome from Daytona 2.

4:56, looks like that little brown tunnel from Advanced course on Daytona 2, after the space port section.

5:08, TWO NEW CARS, the Pelikan and the Stingray cars are the Porsche and Scorpio cars from Scud Race and Daytona 2 respectively!!!  Hell, the Stringray even has that colored front of the car, it's clearly influenced by the Scorpio, no question!!!  Hit the juice!!!

6:36, NIGHT TIME!!!

7:00, get that stupid mouse cursor off the screen!!

Wheel support has been confirmed!  Somewhere in the video, I forgot when the guy said it...

There is no new "racing" footage in the game, just new scenery and cars.  Nothing OutRun related though it's not likely since OutRun was mainly focused in the 80's and 00's.  I am still a bit concerned about drifting, manual transmission, and other sense of speed facets like car shake, force feedback, and tire effects but let's be patient...

I'm at work so I'm trying to rush through this.  I honestly want to punch a hole through the wall that I'm not working on this.  I would rather be working on that game than any other game right now.  Honestly, the only thing I can do to help these guys is to simply give all my disposable income to them.  Seriously, if I can't work on the game, I will do whatever I can to help and unfortunately, all that I can do is provide them with resources and blather on about it on the Internet.  I'm ecstatic while simultaneously crying and feeling depressed right now.  I will get back to you later once I finish working on these other obligations.  Until then, God Speed, Sega Racing Fans...

How I feel about right now.  Jim Mora, eh...................


  1. I left a comment before realizing you had already noticed the video :D It looks great! I SO agree with what they say about racing games being either photorealistic or completely fantasy-based. Very few games such as some in the Ridge Racer series still have those realistic-yet-crazy scenarios with gigantic aquariums, amusement parks right in the middle of the course or a domed jungle complete with exotic species!

  2. Unity can be a good tool finally no shitty hdr just colours and gameplay the preview look awesome!
    Please check my comment about super sprint 1.2 ;)

  3. Hey guys, I read both your comments and I'll give a better response some time in the future!! Sorry about the wait.