Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Well guys, one of the least pleasant things in my life happened today.  You're not going to believe it coming from me but here goes...

I wrecked my car for the very first time.  Before everyone panics, let me get some good things out of the way now.  Nobody, including myself was hurt.  The car, for the most part, is intact.  Very little damage to everything else besides my car.  I have insurance and a AAA and the cops didn't treat me like some outlaw or adrenaline junkie.  My dad is on the way here to help me get my car fixed.  Still, I wrecked my car.

Let me explain what happened.  It's raining, I'm in the office complex's parking lot and have one left turn to go before I made it to my building.  The problem was this black pavement turns into black ice when wet.  I really had no idea until it's too late.  I can't steer or brake at 25 mph as I careen forward into a dumpster behind a fence.  No thanks to the lack of ABS but meh, it wouldn't have helped much anyway.  The air bags deployed but I wasn't slapped in the face or anything.  I was able to start the engine, turn the wheel entirely left & right, play the CD, turn on the air conditioner, and roll up & down the windows.  The main damage came from the right front light which was smashed along with some usual rumbling on the front right wheel, plus the windshield was cracked, the right door won't open, and the air bags obviously went off.

I sorta wept man tears for a while knowing that I had potentially killed my companion of seven years over a stupid incident that could've been prevented.  Thankfully, everything else went okay.  A utility worker called the police for me (lovely), the cop didn't ream me too hard with a ticket ($130), and I was able to drive the car into a nearby parking spot (boy, it would be nice to leave work and see my car parked next to yours...just needs blood on the windshield and doors).  I am feeling better about the car's chance for survival and my ability to rebound.  Personally, I would prefer not to buy a new car for three main reasons--odds are it won't perform any better than my old car (as in it handled well, was clean, and required minimum maintenance), I plan on moving to Britain in a year or two to work for Sumo Digital assuming I get a job there, and I love my old car.  It's a real shit-sucker but to be honest, if you KNEW you were going to get in a wreck some day, this is the best way to wreck.  No one's hurt and everything's being remedied rather quickly.

Still...this has to be the most punk ass bitch way of causing a wreck.  Basically sprinkle the ground with vasoline, make it rain, and don't warn people about potentially slipper terrain.  I mean, put a "slow down when wet" sign or even a speed bump for God's sake--those things suck but at least they would've saved my ass.  Had this been a wreck on dry terrain and/or involving another driver, my morale as an "outstanding driver" would've been shot to hell.  But here, I'm just fuckin' pissed and want to get back on the road as soon as possible.  I don't want to pay a bunch of money, talk to a bunch of random strangers, and wait a long-ass time to get driving again.  That's what makes this so difficult...

Really, could be a worse wreck...see my family friend who decided to ramp a ditch in his Corvette and end up deep in the woods.  Lol, really, you can still see the tire marks where he went off road.  Me on the other hand, just get a hammer and some duct tape and you're ready to go.  Finish 20 laps down but hey, you still get credit for finishing.

There is a mixed blessing among this.  One being that I get to hang out with my dad again.  Another being that I've "experienced" a wreck and have a new-found appreciation for life.  Third being that it gives me more ammo to joke about.  Like being fired or vomiting after a large meal with some friends, it's like "hawhaw, here's some funny jokes at my expense."  That's more source material which is good!

I'll probably post pics later cause I don't care.  I certainly hope I recover soon.  Plus I want to talk about the races over the last two weeks so hang on for those.  Car wrecks aren't going to break my stride.  Semi-relevant video:



  1. That sucks, man. I hope everything gets better for you. Keep your head up and your spirits high.

  2. Well, that blows, but at least you're all right. I've had a lot of friends in wrecks who lost their vehicles, and one even lost her job because her boss didn't believe her, after she was knocked off a mountain road and was lucky to have minimal injuries. It sucks, but count your blessings, man. Like John said, keep your spirits high.

  3. I'm sorry to hear that. I hope things get better for you soon Eric.
    Sorry I haven't commented much recently. I've been very busy with work.