Friday, May 31, 2013

Sega Dreams Took A Turn For The Worse...

Well, there's good news and bad news.  The good news is my wrecked car only suffered cosmetic damage. My dad drove it back home 9 hours with no problem (lol).  But that's where the good news ends.

Today, I was let go from my job, just one day before my probation period ended.  I was not given a specific reason why other than "you're not working up to the company's standards."  I was not given anything I did wrong nor was I given any ways to "improve" myself.  I asked for advice from these HR people but got none.  There were no programmers/engineers there to say anything.  They simply ripped the band-aid off and told me "tough shit, we don't need you anymore," which is asinine when I showed up to work every day, did the necessary hours, completed all my tasks in time, added & polished new features in the game that were never there before, had a good attitude and made friends.  I know nothing what I did, nobody warned me about my bad work, I was led to believe I was doing good, and frankly, some of my co-workers were equally shocked that I was shit-canned.

This is fucking awful.  At least my previous job was laughably pathetic because it was an internship for a company that would cease making video games and lay off half the staff in the next month anyway.  But here, this game is on the upswing.  It got a six month extension (expected to release August '14) and they are moving into a larger studio to make room for additional openings.  So basically, I'm terrible and I don't know why.

Just fan-fucking-tastic when you spend $80,000 on both a Bachelor's and Master's degrees and you can't hold down a job for more than three months.  I don't know who's to blame--me or the company.  I will never know.  There could be a few individuals who just don't like me for some arbitrary reason, hence their ability to will the HR people to fire me.  At this rate, I will never accomplish anything that's "good" for the dreadful video game universe at this rate.  Won't be able to work at Sega or Sumo Digital.  Just packing it up.  Fuck it, you want $10 mil budget "realistic" games, fine, take it.  No help for you guys.  Fuck video games, fuck my life, and now I gotta go home with my family once again and find a job at which I won't get fired for some shitty reason.  FML...

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  1. This is absolutely awful, you are not alone in the world, I feel your pain, I really do. Shit like this happens to the best of us. Don't give up, please!