Thursday, May 3, 2012

Call Of Duty & GameFAQs...Two Of My Favorite Things

You know guys, I'm at home with my family.  I'm feeling pretty good right now.  Super Sprint online is coming along nicely though I still got a lot of work to do.  So I guess that's why I don't have a lot to say for now.

I want to make this brief about Sonic & Sega Racing 2.  It's good we got gobs of info on the game so quickly.  Nice to see the fanbase (albeit, a small one) hyped up about it.  I suggest, against all disdain I have against GameFAQs, to visit the Xbox 360 and PS3 boards and post, post, post.  EDIT: Actually, no, there's too many typical GFAQs trolls, just don't go there, it's radioactive.  Though most of the current hype is directed towards Skies of Arcadia hype which really isn't my forte so I'm gonna pass.  Though there's some beautiful course artwork worth checking out.

Also kind of miffed that every time I view Reddit Gaming EDIT: including Reddit Gamernews (I also love the rage comics), you see jack about anything Sega related...except for maybe Sonic.  They're obsessed with Half-Life 3, Skyrim, and Mass Effect (as is basically every other gamer I know IRL) so what else is new.  At least Kotaku & Joystiq will occasionally talk about Sega.  Man, if it weren't for hideouts like the OOA GameFAQs board or the Supermodel 3 forum to get my Sega fix, I think I'd snap and punch a baby.


But heck, that's not the point right now.  About a day or two after Sonic & Sega Racing 2's announcement, guess what comes up...the announcement for Black Ops 2.  The dam exploded and thus the gaming world's next big thing is upon us.  If you really want to learn more about the game, check out the Giant Bomb article.  Basically, it's 2025 and it's human versus robots.  The game'll also have a branching single-player which sounds a heck of a lot better than Modern Warfare's crap campaigns.  And it'll have more multiplayer options, horses, slightly better graphics while maintaining 60 fps, yada yada yada.

Frankly, as far as I'm concerned, I barely acknowledge Modern Warfare 3's existence at this point.  I just jumped from Black Ops 1 to 2.  Modern Warfare 3 was lousy and unmemorable to me (IN MY OPINION GUYS) -- it's only purpose was to conclude the storyline with Soap & Captain Price as well as the new Survivor mode.

But about Black Ops 2.  I'm seeing so many ads and promos for this game which seems unprecedented in my lifetime.  So many ads for a game that's coming out in SIX MONTHS.  Clearly, Treyarch & Activision are looking to crack the 10 mil copies sold mark again, maybe 20 mil!  And this is where I get scared.  This isn't just a triple-A title--this is a quadruple-A title.  I'm terrified that that these big, bloated run-of-the-mill mass marketed games with hundreds, maybe thousands of employees will take over.  How many game designers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?  Well, thousands I guess, assuming it's a damn polished lightbulb that costs $25 mil to make.

EDIT: Was scanning through TV stations when I saw the Black Ops 2 trailer on E! News, a show about movies, TV, celebrities, music, etc.  You're kidding me, right?  The line between video games and movies is being blurred more and more each day.

And Call of Duty has basically divided the entire gaming culture--you either like it or despise it.  I think Call of Duty is good (but not great) fun but I can't take the massive amount of weight that boggs down on the game.  Despite my interest in Black Ops 1 (hell, I'm 15th prestige and it makes me ill), I can't see myself getting hyped for Black Ops 2 at all.  Maybe if it continues the zombie storyline but other than that, forget about it.  I'm starting to err in favor of smaller games that feels specifically tailored to me.  One can wish...

Seriously, I can't be arsed into commenting about Call of Duty anymore.  Everyone gets their own personal victory out of ripping it a new one even though it doesn't mean jack s*** in the big picture.  Game'll still sell billions of copies and permeate the culture.  Watch as Activision laughs their way to the bank.  If you don't want to play the game, just ignore it and live well since that is the best "revenge."  Oh well, tell me about Burnout, Split/Second, EA, GameFAQs...I can't help but to talk trash--it's in my DNA.

Meh, I still wish we'd get a TimeSplitters 4 although Crytek (wait, where's Free Radical???) has squashed all rumours that have been floating around in recent times.  I'm pissed.


Now, about GameFAQs again.  This site sucks but on occasion, it does one or two things right.  There's one stellar Top 10 that's entitled "Top 10 Skeletons in Sega's Closet."  It mentions 10 games that Sega should've released with the #1 being a certain Yu Suzuki adventure game we all know too well.  Also takes pokes at Nintendo, hahaha.  But it's very comprehensive and deep so if you're curious, I highly recommend it.  Though I would've put Scud Race/Daytona USA 2 ports somewhere on that list cause I'm biased, lol.

But that's all the good I've seen thus far--now onto the bad.  First of all, these GameFAQs Private Message Board contests are getting way out of hand.  First, the barrier of entry was to make a good YouTube movie or picture and hope it gets chosen by some secret cabal (I ranted about this before).  Now it's simply "post on Twitter and a random person will be picked."  They're like t-shirts shot out of the cannon at sporting events--they mean nothing anymore.

Also, another thing, and this has to do with another fun contest that GameFAQs puts on.  GFAQs will do these "Name That Tune" contests in which a bunch of vidya game songs are posted and users have to submit a list of games that these songs are from.  Get the most answers right and win some free karma.  Who cares.

But anyway, May's list happens to be game over tunes (I'm not even gonna bother embedding this).  What, you couldn't include Sega Rally or Daytona USA?  Come on man, those are classic.  The list includes throwaway answers like Mario, Zelda, and Sonic so why leave it out?  Throw me the Sega diehards a bone for once.  The rest of the list surely includes a bunch of Square, Capcom, and Sony games so big shocker there.  I know this is a petty complaint but I can't miss the chance to know GameFAQs down a peg and feel that certain self-gratification that means nothing to everyone else.


Anyway, this is one of the few posts in a long, long time in which I haven't used pictures or embedded YT vids.  This streak must outlast Dale Jr's losing streak so here's a picture of angry Glaceon which sums up my opinion on everything:


  1. Apologies for the lateness, but I am the guy who made that list; glad you enjoyed it ;).

    Scud Race ended up getting a wide release in arcades, didn't it?

    The cancellation to Saturn doesn't really fit in, though it could have worked ('cause I kinda grasped with Toy Fighter).

  2. No problems, the list was great. I'll read it again soon. How Model3 games like Scud Race and Daytona 2 were snubbed for so long is probably my #1 issue with Sega. Thanks for stopping by but I'm curious, how did you find this post?