Monday, May 7, 2012

Working At Home Feels Good

Hi guys, sorry for the hiatus in posts.  The last few days I've been at home with my family, my pets, and my old friends.  It's great to see the old town of Slidell, LA that never changes (maybe for the best).  Unfortunately, I'm flying back to Orlando on Sunday (six days).  Not that Orlando is bad--I've become accustomed to my apartment and feel good there, but I miss being here very much.  Too bad I won't be coming back much in the future since I'm getting that internship gig in the Fall and afterwards...well, time to get a real job in far away lands...

I've been working on Super Sprint online for most of my time though, usually pulling all-nighters since I can't turn away and I want to complete this or that feature.  The main reason is because it's my "Personal Portfolio Project" (or PPP for short, if you like dumb abbreviations) for school.  I don't feel too well though--I feel a bit nauseous.  This has always happened when I work on Super Sprint.  And I hope the guys at school can understand why I'm splitting my time between this and Battle Fortress Tortoise.  Sorry about any problems we've had in the past.  I like you guys--I want to be your friend and help out.

...Anyway, I wish I had at least another week to spend with my family in this nice house.  I can do work at home but going back to the cube...err, hexagon-shaped cubicle farm in the windowless room with dim lights...don't like it too much.  Yeah sure, it's not a bad place to be with its groovy curved walls and whatnot but it's just too much like a game studio (if that makes sense).  Like I want to go someplace "normal" to the rest of the world if I want to pull long hours on stuff.  We should aspire for more.

As a matter of fact, if I ever started my own game studio, I'd probably get a house/cabin/mansion in a very scenic area.  Like the Swedish Alps or the Colorado Rockies.  Better yet, how about Gatlinburg, Tennessee!!  Near the Great Smoky Mountains and the Airsoft Gun Black Market Capital of the World.

It'd be like living in a house, but it would have a couple of computers here and there.  Then you work in a nice house, feel comfortable at home, breathe in fresh outdoor air, stand in the sun in mild temperatures, maybe get some snow once in a while.   You always get a great view of the blue skies, hills, forest, river, flower garden, etc.  It would be very therapeutic.  It would be like programming in Heaven.  Or in a happy Sega world where everyone is your "buddy" and a jingle plays whenever you do something good or collect 100 of some arbitrary item.

 That's me watching NASCAR on TV.  I've been on a NASCAR kick lately, it's awesome.

And there's a waterfall.

Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, nice view.

Best of all, there would be GO KARTS!!!!  There'd be multiple levels with various Sega-themed scenery props scattered around (go away, Mario Kart).  All the karts will go the same speed.  And there will be no jerkoff guys yelling at you to stop bumping into other drivers.  Or pull into the pit because your 3 minutes of driving is up.  Would be lots of fun.

One can dream, huh?  Still though, the goal is to WORK AT SEGA AND AID IN THE GLORIOUS RETURN OF BLUE SKIES.  Remember that.

Also, if you're ever in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, remember to visit the NASCAR Speedpark, Ober Gatlinburg, and any other arcades along the main strip or go kart tracks.  There should be one or two Daytona USA 1/2 cabinets still in operation.


  1. As a friend, I pull for you. Best wishes to you in your schooling. Coming home is always a great feeling even as I made a blog post called "Homesickness." All I can say to you- keep going strong. You've worked this hard to get to this level- don't stop!

  2. Thanks a lot dude, best of luck to your endeavors as well.

  3. Some very nice pictures. I always struggle with going back to work after any kind of a break... though working from home is not so much an option for me as I have a department to manage. :)

  4. Wow, that sounds heavy. No use in complainin' when you got a job to do. Yeah that's a song lyric from Summer of '69.

  5. Wow, along with great landscapes, you have something that i wish most of all to have too. It is about the go kart track. I love go karting, and dreaming to build someday a nice track in my own garden.