Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cool Sonic Commercial Not Involving Hedgehogs

Could it be?  A Sonic restaurant/drive-in commercial.  That's an ode to a Sega franchise.  That is NOT SONIC THE HEDGEHOG???



Cool commercial, bro.  If this gets aired on TV and I actually see it, I'm buying 100 chocolate shakes, they're good.  Sorry, but all I watch is Speed Channel which is too busy airing commercials about General Insurance and the Scottish guy with the lawn stuff.

Also while you're at it, check out this wacky OutRun contraption:

And here's an OutRun painting, from this Kotaku article:

EDIT: One more thing since I've had this adorable pic for a while and I don't know when or where to post it.  It's Virtua Fighter being played by our huggable, loveable, little fuzzball:

Oh and one more cause I can't help it:

Haw haw Sawnik, go get that actual Sonic drive-in chillie dog



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