Sunday, August 19, 2012

Danica Vs. The Shoe

At the Nationwide race at Montreal, Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed spokeswoman Danica Patrick is in the lead during a caution.  That's pretty good, she might win one at last!  But some jerk-off fan throws a tennis shoe/sneaker onto the track (we don't see who it is).  Danica inexplicably runs over it and flings it out the rear bumper.  While it appears to be innocuous at first, later Danica complains about bad handling as she begins to drop back a few spots.  Eventually, pieces of her car shoot out the rear.  She would later pit and get it fixed up but not before dropping six laps.

Swear to God, watching the highlights of the race on ESPN, seeing Danica's car fall apart with the stupid rock BG music ("derrr-deee-derr-duhh"), I just about broke down into tears (of laughter).  You'll also see a Sonic the Hedgehog logo in the pic above (to the right of the tire), which is bad Sega karma.  All over a f'n shoe.  She's SOL and Oh God Help Us because if she continues to get screwed, then Sega will be doomed.  To recap: Danica ran over a shoe and ruined her chance at winning.  What the f*** is that s***, indeed...

EDIT: It just dawned on me two weeks later.  Why couldn't that have been a SONIC shoe...and give Danica a speed boost????  WWRRRRYYYY?????

You'd think being associated with Sonic would make Danica drive faster but doesn't.  *okay.jpg*

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