Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Worst Racing Game Ever Made (Wonderful ActionScript Programming)

Could it be possible to make a racing game WORSE than this?  Well, possibly these abysmal games from long ago, but this one takes the cake.  Literally doesn't handle like a car at all--you don't turn, you "strafe" left & right.  Can't even get the car to drive straight down the road, you know...like in a normal racing game.  Plus this rap/techno loop makes my ears bleed.  And the three McLarens look stupid.

I know this could pass as a beginner's flash game, but seriously, I cannot get past how f***in bad the car handling is.  If it weren't for the handling, perhaps this game would be okay and have some legs to stand on but here, it is USELESS.  Seriously, if you doubt me, just play the game for yourself.  If you can actually come in 1st place, I will rain praise upon you.  Also, to the website hosters, please don't take this game down--it should be used as an example as NOT how to make a racing game.

This groovy post inspired by a Reddit post: "playing this game is like trying to drive a bar of soap."  Well said.


  1. Wow. I have never played a racing game with controls as bad as this before.
    I bet if someone took over and made some changes, more people would like it.
    Here's what I think should be done (I'll try to keep it short).

    1. Fix the controls - This of course is the most important fix needed here. I see it as being extremely loose. I think there should be some resistance so you have more control over the car.

    2. Replace the music - I like techno and don't mind much rap, but there were some poor song choices here. I think techno would work, just a better song is needed. If not, maybe some rock instead. Thank God there's an option to turn off the music during the race, but the menu music should be off too.

    3. Bring the number of laps down - I think 3-5 laps would be more suitable than 10 for this game.

    4. Improve the car models - I like the McLaren F1 LM, but these look almost like Micro Machines. The front end needs the most work in my opinion. Also, I think there should be more color choices. This can lead to having a couple more opponents in the race.

    5. Improve the track appearances - For each track, I think it would be cool if each one had a different environment and had some more color. Also, the third track doesn't seem to be playable even if I play the game at the website.

    That's all I can think of for now I guess. I would say something about the AI being "too fast," but I think it's the controls that make it seem that way. Sorry if that was too long.

  2. My thoughts can only be summated with the phrase LOL.