Thursday, September 13, 2012


I have a bunch of funny car/racing/Sega memes & gifs for you.  Found 'em off random websites like GameFAQs, Reddit, every terrible website out there over the years.  And since I'm too lazy to make an actual good post, this one's for you!

Because of the large number of pics, you must hit the jump to load the page.  Don't want to crash anyone's browsers here.

NEW FEATURE for the next Burnout I mean, Need for Speed.  I might buy it then.

To all EA/Burnout/NFS Fanboys...

Have no idea where I found this.  But you all know an eager young gamer who would act this way.

Wish I could drive Power Wheels again.

Always fun to ride on top of traffic in GTA.  Stomp the car once and the driver floors it :D


Tommy Vercetti and the wonderful transparent texture.

Bikes were great.  You could fly 50+ mph, jump, and they were invincible too.

More Need for Speed games need this feature.


Yessir, from Reddit Gaming.

Hey kids, you like Halo?  You like the Warthog?  Put this in your forum signature.


Good Guy Beat: Paints Sonic graffiti, not JSR tags.

Sega: Teaching kids to act classy before this generation was born.

No wonder Sonic fans rage over this game so much.


You broke the EA arcade cabinet?  Good man.

Awww, you bwoke your cabinet toooo......

You're kidding me right?  Third cabinet broken and by a fursuiter too.  


Kurt Busch in the ME car.  Did you even see the movie, Kurt?  Spoiler alert: You french kiss a foreign driver (Juan Pablo???).

"nassscar wud be so much beter with mario cart lawl"

I did not know that, thanks.

I'm gonna do this dance in public SOMEDAY

Butt racing, ah, from the good old YTMND days.

Actually, Split/Second is right.  Real pros don't use brakes--hit the gear shifter, ease the throttle, but DON'T BRAKE.

"Avoid Gunfire" - two words I wish I never saw in a Need for Speed game.

Hey look, it's Lance Boyle.  I know the names of obscure video game characters from years ago but not my fellow coworkers I see on a daily basis.

Little brother was asked to draw the "future" for a homework assignment.  He drew flying cars.  I would've drawn a dingy, overly-bloomed hell hole run by EA.

My car reached 50,000 miles (80467.2 km), wow I was ballin when I took this pic.

I saw the Weinermobile on the highway!!

Also saw a burning van on the highway.  Perfectly normal situation.

Also saw the NASCAR trucks pass me on the highway, LITTLE DEBBIE'S, effin' A...

Not my picture but if you ever wanted to play LCD OutRun, now here's your man...

Smilin' Ivan "Ironman" Stewart will never die.

We had an assignment in 10th grade Spanish to make a movie poster in actual Spanish.  I made this.  That is all.

EDIT: One more, I promise!  Found this on the "Laundry Room Viking" page on Know Your Meme.  When I saw this, I lost my s***:

Start a blog, they said.
People would read it, they said.


  1. Every time I see Split/Second I want to punch a wall. I'm not exactly sure why, a game shouldn't elicit such hate in me. But I can't stop myself.

    Oh, yeah, the memes were good. I love the Mario Kart 7 one. All of the interviews Nintendo posts on its website are hilarious, because the questions are incredibly safe and the answers are glaringly obvious. Doesn't take much insight to work there anymore, I'm afraid.

    On that note, I was dying laughing at this fake "Iwata Asks"

  2. About Split/Second, I know that feel bro. Feels like racing for the lowest common denominator--press a button and stuff blows up. But the series is toast because the first one bombed (a great pun).

    So you've been following Nintendo a lot? I haven't been keeping tabs on Nintendo but if these Iwata Asks are are stupid as these two, well...that's cool I guess :)

  3. IDK if you get notified for comments or not, but i had to answer the Nascar x Mario Kart one:

    Me and a friend played the shit out of this game from night 'till dawn once, 9 years ago.