Saturday, September 29, 2012

Someone Stole My Blog Posts

I was doing a Google Image Search for Sega Race TV.  What I ended up finding was a website that copied my Sega Race TV review post for verbatim:

It's another Blogspot called "daytona 500 news."  Now he's actually copied a bunch of posts from my blog and presumably from others (up until Feb. 2012 which was the last post).  A lot of the posts there have to do with NASCAR (understandably so) with mine about video games sprinkled into the mix.

In case the page/blog is removed, here's a comparison:

YO DAWG, we herd you like blog posts...

^ The black boxes are other posts that I have made.  Like Forza, Hurricane Katrina, California Speed, Gabe Newell memes, game design school, things that have nothing to do with NASCAR.

I'm not entirely sure if this is an actual physical human being copying my posts or if it's some robot, I don't know.  If bots are able to copy blog posts now then that sucks.  HA, imagine if some stupid bot copied this post, I dare him...

It's not that I'm mad about this--I consider it flattering that others would use my blog posts for something but at least give me credit here.  If you're going to aggregate all this material you like, at least give me a sign first like "check this Eric guy out, he's pretty cool."  I mean you can talk about how it's "wrong" to use images from other people (when I do, I try to give credit where I can) but copying everything like that is stupid.  Although I doubt a plain white blog with no comments is going to be a threat to me, anyway.

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