Sunday, September 16, 2012

Where's Alberto (The OutRun 2 Guy) ??? (( BILLY JOEL & SAYGUH ))

I know he's somewhere cruis'n with the girls, he must be.  So many Ferraris, even the Flagman gets a ride.

It would be funny though if you raced against 900 other Ferraris and each one of them had the "Rival" arrow over them.  BLING-BLING-BLING-look at them points.  Hmm, let's make it a Heart Attack challenge--Keep passing cars!!  Let's start!!  YEEHAA!!  All right!!

It also dawned on me--should there be an OutRun 3 some day, there's one more Ferrari they should put in the game:

Oh man, two Yu Suzuki games in one.  IMPOSSIBRU!!!!!


One More Thing You Guys.  Anyway, I was just playing Rock Band 3 Pro Keyboards and I was bitching and whining as usual about how there's no good Keyboard charts left and all Harmonix has been releasing is crap background noise charts for songs like Shinedown, Iron Maiden, and Matchbox Twenty.  Seriously, you don't buy Iron Maiden to play keyboards.  So I stumble upon an old classic: Say Goodbye to Hollywood by Billy Joel.  After a few tries I finally gold-starred the thing (only 10th on the leaderboard, I suck) but I noticed something that I NEVER noticed before.  Skip to 0:30, 3:12, whenever the chorus is:

Sega bye to Hollywood
Sega bye my baby
Sega bye to Hollywood
Sega bye my bayyyybehhhh

I shat bricks.
We have the next PINGAS on our hands here.
3:24, best SEGA!! scream impression.
BTW, I know this is stupid but if Kotaku can post crap like this 10 times a day then I can post it at least once a day.

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  1. I really wish an Outrun 3 would happen someday with the same gameplay as outrun 2006, but more refined. Not only there should be ferraris, but there should be other car manufactuers as well, like porsches, lamborghinis, mclaren, gumpert, and even aston martins, that would be the best outrun game ever, Yu suzuki should look into this idea!