Sunday, July 1, 2012

Multi Theft Auto: A Better GTA Than That Stupid GTA IV

This isn't meant to be a wordy post but you learn something new everyday so check it out.

Learned about a new mod today for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the PC.  It's called "Multi Theft Auto."  It's supposed to be like Garry's Mod for GTA in that you can mess around with many other players in a single GTA world.  Obviously, the main hook for me is the massively-multiplayer racing modes.  Here's some vids and I have to tell ya, I'm stunned how much you can do:

European Pro doubt there are guys from The Netherlands practicing 18 hours a day.  Anyway, there's a huge amount of stunt tracks like out of San Francisco Rush.  And the OJ Simpson "chase the pink car" mode is f'n gold.

Just a traditional race.  I'm not a fan of the glowy node things but it looks great.

Another race mode with incredibly annoying music and changing vehicles (you mean like Sonic All-Stars Racing 2???  Sumo Digital are SLACKERS).

Deathmatch mode--cops vs gangsters.

Stunt movie.  OSHI--IS THAT GUNS n' ROSES???

A better version of DiCE/evil EA's Battlefield 3.

Rage face mod and some weird demolition derby/stunt map.

Driving on Rainbow Road...I still hate this music (sorry guys).

EDIT: This is just a handful of gameplay videos I found out.  It just scratches the surface.  So there's a lot more to do with this mod.

I remember playing online GTA for Vice City years picked from a couple different characters (a cop, Tommy Vercetti's gang, a bank robber, etc) who had different weapons and you ran around town shooting each other.  You could also have car races but there were no in-game rules for that--the other players had to coordinate to do this.  And yet this mod has greatly evolved since then.  I like this because it proves A. that fan mods/creations are awesome, maybe even better than the multi-million dollar studios and B. that "old" games like GTA:SA, Half-Life 1, and so forth are not down and out.

Guess it's worth checking out if you're into this sort of thing.  The community is still alive but for how long, I don't know:

Clearly we cannot bring up other racing games without bring up Sega so here's some GTA mods for that:

Initial D.

Derpy Sonic needs to get away on a snowboard!

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