Saturday, December 15, 2012

Battle Fortress Tortoise ROFL

Oh boy, well I'm certain most of you know about Battle Fortress Tortoise.  It's the capstone game I worked on for seven months.  Anyway, here's some fun beta stuff pertaining to the game you should check out.

Anyway, welcome to the wacky world that is Eric's brain.  I was approached by the team with this request--"make a game over screen."  What it should look like, it was not specific at all.  So I gave 'em a game over screen, alright.  It stuck around for a few weeks--appeared in status updates and stuff.  Here it is, this is 5 months into development:

One more bonus.  This is one of the death sounds that the snapper turtles (those things that shoot cannonballs at you) make in the beta version.  Sound design at its finest.

Hope everyone's having a great Hanukkah so far.

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