Sunday, December 16, 2012

Stop Shooting People (No Politics)

Well I really didn't want to talk about this since it's horrific news.  But I heard about the Connecticut elementary school shooting and I just about turned pale when I saw the news.  And I'm sure many of you did too.  Hurts my feelings so bad.  And it's not like this shooting was in a vacuum--we had one in a Oregon mall a few days ago.  Then one at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin.  Then the Batman movie premiere shooting in Colorado.  Then the camp shooting in Norway.  List goes on and on and there's no way I can't talk about these events anymore.

I don't want to blame any one thing--not video games, not TV, not guns, not politicians, etc.  Cause in reality, all this comes down to one thing: morality.  You know, good old fashioned values.  Not just "I promise I won't kill anyone today" (cause most of us won't commit murder in our lifetimes) but things like honesty, integrity, hard work & individual responsibility, be faithful to your spouse, be respectful to parents & authority, not stealing/lying/cheating, treat others like you want to be treated, life has value/meaning, etc.  Cause regardless of what legislation our government passes, if we can't do the stupid simple stuff then we'll foster an immoral society where terrible things will happen (moral relativism, incivility, crime), possibly as bad as what happened that day...  This applies everywhere and every time throughout history.  To quote somebody, "Evil happens when good people stand by and do nothing."

That's my take on it anyway.  I salute all the heroes in these situations.  Pray hard for the victims & their friends and families and be a little nicer to others these days.  Maybe society is getting worse, maybe it isn't (I don't have any "stats" on me) but consider this a wake-up call if anything at all.

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  1. It's a bit scary, but at the same time...I feel indifferent. The implications of that are probably more terrifying.