Monday, January 21, 2013

Someone Is Making Their Own Sega Racer!!!

"The three that ate up most of my coins where Scud Race, Daytona USA and Indy 500, my goal is to recreate the feeling these games evoked from players by maintaining the colorful, vibrant look and sense of speed but with modern visuals and car handling models."

Do you hear anyone talk like this anymore!?!?! Besides me!?!?!

Without a moment's hesitation...

Here, take my money.  Take 80 GBP ($127).  I pledged THAT MUCH and I'll pledge more if I have to.   It's not just for the "in-game billboard" I get, it's cause I want the game to be good (for what it's worth, the billboard can be 128x512 or 256x512).  I'm still sitting on my "Lousy Internship Stash Cash" and am now playing the role of "Sega Racer Philanthropist," giving out cash to racing game devs who don't suck ass (in addition to handing out copies of Sega All-Stars Racing: Transformed to strangers).

Just for fun, it's worth pointing out the aquarium is from Scud Race's Beginner Day course.  And the T-Rex is from Daytona USA's Advanced course.  Wait, you say this game was done in the UNITY engine?  Genius?  I've done two games in Unity before for FIEA.  You can make driving games in it like this.  The new Unity engine even works on the Wii U.  This game is CASH GOLD MONEY EPIC BEAST SWAG MODE and it's too bad I got stuck with lousy Super Sprint instead, lol.  The only thing amiss thus far is that the F1/Indy car looks a tad too big.  I'm going to e-mail this guy soon.

Holy shit people, how fucking hard is it for game developers to MAKE GAMES LIKE THIS.  CLEAN, COLORFUL, FAST, HAPPY, SKILLFUL RACING GAMES.  Instead we get this Need for Speed bullshit every three months and I want to vomit.

And Kotaku does the first right thing they've done in the last 8 years and that is mention this damn Kickstarter in a post inferring "You won't get a new Daytona but you'll get this."  Geez, Kotaku, just do open-heart vivisection on me already.  Screw you and your lousy ass site but thanks for the hits cause this game needs all the publicity it can handle.  Oh yeah, by the way, to Kotaku user GunFlame who said "Daytona wasn't a very good game" -- you're wrong, end of story.

First Model2 emulation.  Then Model3 emulation.  Then Daytona, Sega Rally, OutRun 2 ports.  Then the Hornet in Sega All-Stars Racing.  Then this.  This project still needs 7,700 Great British Pounds and 25 days left to do it.  Donate at least 10 quid and get a digital download of the game for free.  Donate more for physical copies of the game.  DONATE, DONATE, DONATE, DONATE, DONATE, DONATE, DONATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great, it's like the announcements of the Supermodel emulator, the Daytona USA XBLA trailer, and the Hornet in Sega All-Stars Racing leak all over again.   How am I going to follow up a post like this?  Talk about the NFL games?  Geez...

Just for kicks I'm gonna play the Virtua Racing intro music...DUN DUN DUN, PICK YOUR TRACK THEN PRESS THE PEDAL IDIOT!!!



  1. You (and/or the developer(s) of this project) would reach hero status if this project ever materialized. I certainly applaud your desires for this one. SEGA Super GT/SCUD Race sucked my coin wallet dry. I've played that more than Daytona USA, and MANY more than Indy 500. I like Daytona USA though I've played Super GT more than Daytona USA and Indy 500 combined. Best of luck to you with this deal.

  2. Wow, that was gorgeous. Colors! Bright, vivid colors! Considering how even some recent games are trying to imitate Sega's racers but fail, this guy nailed the look and feel. I shouldn't be surprised it's the guy who did Sonic Fan Remix, which is a definite plus in my book, as he took the level of detail and color to the next level in that. Loved it, yet the community didn't. Perfect for this type of game.

  3. Wow that was incredible! Best of luck! I really hope this becomes a success :)

  4. just found out about this recently.

    very exciting... will wait to see what happens.