Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sega All-Stars Racing Winning On...GameFAQs???

Go to GameFAQs and vote for Sega All-Stars Racing, you don't need an account to do so.

This is just the first few minutes of voting...and it looks promising.

I recently saw an Animal Planet special on "Animals of the Arctic."  And there were two starving arctic wolves and a huge pack of arctic ox.  But they couldn't possibly kill the large oxen so they singled out one of the smaller oxen and took it down ((un)fortunately, the wolves failed since the other oxen came to the victim's aid).  It's damn dirty but this is guerilla warfare--you do whatever s*** you can to improve your position.  Like spawn killing people in Perfect Dark/Call of Duty/Halo.  You go for points whenever you can.

And this GameFAQs poll is that baby ox...go vote for Sonic All-Stars Racing and kick the crap out of the competition.  It's not the Spike VGAs (the large ox) so it's doable.  I know on GFAQs, sports & racing games not affiliated with any major gaming mascot (I'm talking Mario Kart to the oblivious) usually fail to get any traction there.  But regardless, I want Sega All-Stars Racing to whip NFS/Forza's ass somewhere and I don't care if it's low-hanging fruit.  Remember, this is the same GameFAQs site that in November, forgot to include Sega All-Stars Racing in the poll, choosing LittleBigPlanet Racing over it so now I'm twice as pissed as before.

A win is a win so GO FOR THE WIN PEOPLE and vote for Sega Racing just to beat the doubters' sorry asses.  In this situation, we are the pack of hungry arctic wolves...we are small but can get s*** done. >:)

On the hunt for stupid Internet polls to dominate for false satisfaction of "sticking it to evildoers."  EA rings a bell?

Also great supplemental reading on GameFAQs...Top 10 Games for Shenmue Fans.  Finally, another Top 10 that doesn't suck.  You can't play Shenmue 3 but at least you can play these games.  Nice to see Shenmue get some props again.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed - 16.94% 
Need for Speed: Most Wanted - 13.01% 
FIFA Soccer 13 - 12.54% 
Forza Horizon - 10.38%
NBA 2K13 - 10.04% 
Mario Tennis Open - 9.39% 
SSX - 8.47% 
Trials Evolution - 7.77% 
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD - 5.98% 
Wipeout 2048 - 5.48% 


I don't know how the voting would've gone had it just been racing games (I assume that FIFA voters would've gone for Forza/NFS) but I'll take it.  If you look at the total number of votes per poll, the sports/racing one is dead last while the FPS poll was first.  You can get an idea of where GFAQs voters' priorities lie:

Best First-Person Shooter - 34436
Best Role-Playing (Japanese) - 33809 [was there any doubt on GameFAQs???]
Best Role-Playing (Western) - 30868
Best Action/Adventure - 28211
Best Fighting - 26828
Best Strategy - 23549
Best Adventure/Puzzle - 23272
Best Action - 21105
Best Sports/Racing - 20716

Clearly gamers are least interested in racers.  But what do I care, tonight we celebrate because we finally got one...

Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed = best sports/racing game of 2012 according to GameFAQs!!!

Oh, as if GameFAQs was trying to get the last laugh, they put Sega All-Stars Racing in a "Best of 2012" poll a day after and as luck would have it, apparently sits in dead last at a resounding 2.2% (Borderlands 2 is clear leader with 22.47%).  Sure, go ahead and vote for Sega All-Stars Racing but it ain't cracking 3%.  This is an example of trying to kill the entire herd of oxen--just give up, that's not our battle to win.  Let GameFAQs piss themselves over the same games we've seen before like New Super Mario Bros Wii U.

EDIT AGAIN: I suppose to some it's hypocritical that I make a big deal out of a poll because when my favorite game loses, it's "stupid" or "nobody cares." Right now, it's notsomuch trying to win the favor of the gaming public (do we REALLY care what GameFAQs thinks?) as it is trying to get the games' names out there. Sales of Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed have been underwhelming thus far and the fact that this "underrated little gem" is able to win a poll on these sites is good news. Especially if you consider this silent group of Sega fans out there who helped prop up the game so I can't help but feel a little encouraged by the poll results. That's all.

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