Sunday, January 20, 2013


Hi guys, here's some Daytona 2 stuff.  Strange creepy conspiracy tabloid material.

Take a look at this video.  Skip to 3:30.  Now here's the Hornet on the Challenge/Mix course.  When he gets to the Beginner course, he stops and turns around...and drives through the barrier to the finish line.

Now is this a real glitch that can be reproduced every time?  Did the Sega QA just miss this altogether?  I hope not.  This trick may help you save a few seconds but is it crap, yeah it is.


Now for something new.  Actually it's been known for a few months now but if you haven't been keeping tabs on the Supermodel emulator, the Hornet Classic has been discovered in Daytona 2: Battle on the Edge!!

Yes, it has a big hood scoop on it.  It's kind of cool but unnecessary.  The catch is you need to download a save state to pick the Hornet (somewhere on the Supermodel forums...too lazy to find it).  And sorry to break your heart but  the Hornet sucks in Battle on the Edge.  It has lower top speed and worse handling than in Power Edition.  Obviously, the devs must've left the car in the beta version and didn't bother to fine-tune it or anything.  Overall, it's really not worth getting excited about but still fun to know.  I'm huge into beta stuff, like the Citadel from Goldeneye N64, that was exhilarating.

Now I guess if I may, let me explain why this is from a programming perspective.  In the Battle on the Edge and Power Edition roms, there's four blocks of sequential memory for the four cars: the Chums Gum/JC Eagle, the Scorpio, the Phantom, and the Hornet.  On the car select screen, depending on which car you pick, it assigns a pointer to the memory address of the car you choose (i.e. you pick the Scorpio, it points to address #2 car in the array).  In Power Edition, you can pick from all four cars.  Yet in Battle on the Edge, you can only pick the first three.  The Hornet in BotE is simply inaccessible for the regular player.  Yet, using a hex editor and changing that pointer in the game's current state (point to address #4), you can circumvent the game's UI and load the Hornet up anyway.  I hope this makes sense.


Ok, how about this.  Just a funny little thing.  Look at the Power Edition intro at about :39-:40.  The wrecked #00 SG8 Cartool car does a slight twitch maneuver as it lies at rest.  You tell me if it's just an emulator thing or if it's really there in the actual arcade cabinet version.  Heh.


Now for something a bit more SHOCKING.  Anyway, look at your driver in Daytona USA 2.  The four cars are driven by four members of the Brown family.  Johnny, Noel, Mitch (or Mick), and Tom Brown.  I think it goes Johnny = Chums Gum/JC Eagle, Noel = Scorpio, Mitch/Mick = Phantom, Tom = Hornet.  These MAY be mixed (Johnny and Noel) but it's close enough.  When you think about it, all the drivers look exactly the same.  You can see the drivers in the intro cutscenes as well as when you win a multiplayer race (you see your driver celebrating/crying with the pit crew).

Drivers of different cars (I think the top one is the Chums Gum).

Now, who does this guy remind you of?  Let me give you a hint:

That's right, this whole entire time, you've been secretly playing as the Intimidator himself, Dale Earnhardt, Sr.  Here's Dale wearing the faceless helmet & shades just like the Brown family.  Also Daytona 2 came out in '98, the same time at the peak of Dale Sr.'s success (won Most Popular Driver 7 years).  Also again, you look at the color schemes of all 16 player cars (which was a shocking revelation on its discovering the Higgs-Boson particle), player 3's car is BLACK like the #3 Chevy Goodwrench car.  Another reason why #3 fans should flock to this damn game but no, they're perfectly happy playing their Eutechnyx racing simulators.

I'd like to talk about Dale for a moment.  It's funny that this man would drive without the face part of the helmet.  He drove without the head rest.  One fan on the Internet even speculated he loosened the belts.  Why?  Less restrictions, man.  That must've helped in be a better driver.  Problem is it was more dangerous that way...and his hubris got the best of him on February 2001 when he died on the last lap wreck at the Daytona 500 after hitting a wall and getting hit in the head due to lack of the head rest.

From Maddox's store.  Fun t-shirts and bumper stickers in NASCAR country.


So there's ONE MORE and it's the biggest shocker of them all.  A video posted on September 1, 2012.  A guy at E3 (I guess) asks a Sega booth person when Daytona USA 2 will come out for home consoles.

Narrow movies suck.  Anyway, it's something about spilled nachos and nothing of value was gained from this.  Truth is if you want a new Daytona/Scud Race, it's gonna go through Sumo Digital, guys who legitimately like racing games.  Sega of America isn't into developing games anymore and Sega of Japan is into...well I don't know...Yakuza and pachinko machines.  So this video is FAKE AND GAY, that's your post for today.


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