Sunday, November 14, 2010

Call Of Doody Black Ops And Rock Band HOLY EXPLETIVE!!!

EDIT: Update a few days later

I seldom run out and buy a brand new games because odds are my brothers will go for the impulse buy first and then I get to play it for $0.  It happened with Dead Rising 2 and now it's Black Ops.  Kaching.

Anyway, I heard that Black Ops sold more than 5 million copies in the first 24 hours which is more than MW2 sold (4 mil).  All I have to say is holy crap, Call of Duty is making Halo look really, really bad.  Like I prefer the contemporary look of CoD to Halo's futuristic look, but who cares.

I think that Call of Duty is way too popular...when you get these massively-produced packages that are distributed to a wide audience, it really doesn't feel like it satisfies "everyone" everyone says Call of Duty is for noobs because it doesn't take "skill" to play.  I mean, imagine if this game were as difficult as Counter-Strike 1.6.  You'd lose like 50% of your target audience right there.  But still, it takes skill to play, I know.

Ok, so what.  Let's talk about what I've done so far.  First, there's the campaign.  You play as Alex Mason who's this macho badass who's gone on about ten deadly missions in his entire life.  So you're strapped to a chair and some creepy dude (the Banker from Deal or no Deal) is interrogating you.  You won't answer his questions so you say "Don't tase me, bro!" but he does anyway.  It turns out that this interrogation is in the present and you play missions (from 1961 to 1968) as you recall them to the creepy dude.

It seems more thoughtful than a lot of the previous CoDs--like I really wanted to know what was going to happen next.  It's nitty-gritty stuff, but so what--there's tons of little kids playing this game anyway so society's already screwed as it is.  And about zombies, the campaign never references them so no, just regular old "kill the bad guys" plot.  You just have to play the game to see for yourself.

Campaign Mode:  Well, I've already made it through half the game on Veteran.  I guess you can say I'm a Call of Duty Veteran...HAHA, that's gold.  Anyway, like other CoDs, you sneak out, shoot the guy, and if you get hit, you duck for cover.  Nothing fancy, it's quite easy if you take your time.  But there's a few parts in the game where they throw infinitely-respawning enemies at you.  I think they had them back in World at War, but I'm not sure.

However, this time, infinite enemies are REALLY APPARENT cause you're like "Oh God, when are they gonna stop!?" and they never do.  You can't wait them out like the old days so you need to pull some tricks out of your ass.  Throw smoke grenades and move up, causing your NPC friends (who never die BTW) to move up as well and hopefully take some pressure off your back.  Then you run back and hide and don't pray you die.  Repeat until you reach the given trigger point then the enemies stop spawning and you reach a checkpoint.  Gosh, I love these trigger-based campaigns.

The two parts I got stuck on was on Mission 4 after you shoot the rocket/missile down.  Then you go into a Soviet bunker (just like No Fighting in the War Room from CoD4) and MY GOODNESS, you have these multiple hallways with guys pouring through both ways.  Like you had to throw two smokes, move up and get your NPCs to follow you.  Then you throw smokes at one hallway while you sprint into another room, hopefully kill the few people there at point-blank, then maybe you'll get the checkpoint.  Took about three hours to do this one segment.

Oh, and there's this other part in Vietnam where you have to climb down a hill and throw gas cans at a line of never-ending Vietcong that can pick you off from a football-field's (which football, it's up to you) away.  Also took another three hours here.  BS BS BS BS, I've already beaten four CoD's on Veteran already, but it's just utter crap what they make you go through.

I made it halfway through the game then my jackass brother came in and snatched the game away.  Then he and his friends go to the other Xbox and play Dead Rising 2.  So basically, he takes his copy of Black Ops and just sits on it so I can't play it.  All that just to be an ass.  You suck.


Oh, and this picture's been floating around on the internet lately, but I'm gonna let you guys see it:

Sad that it's so linear nowadays.  2010, it's like playing out a movie.  A movie where you can just sit there while the guy says "SHOOT THA HINGIS!" and nothing happens.  Now I don't have problem with movies, but come on, give me some variation.  I miss missions like those in Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, those were boss.

Multiplayer: I didn't play it much but I got about two hours in with some friends on XBL.  It's just like old Call of Duties, that's about it.  Less killstreak abuse.  The RC car is here but it's not terribly overused.  Also, I did have a problem with being on one side of the map looking inward and then the other team will spawn right behind me and shoot me in the ass.  Other than that, I guess it's ok.  Honestly though, I think the most fun I had playing CoD online was in World at War.  Yeah.

Zombies: Didn't get the chance to play it, but there's two zombie maps on the CD.  One is in some abandoned Nazi theater and you play as your old crew--Dempsey, Nikolai, Richtofen, Takeo.  It's cool I guess.  The second level (you have to beat the campaign to unlock it) is in the Pentagon with JFK, Castro, Nixon, McNamara.  Sweet, I can't wait to play that one...  Treyarch better roll out an ass-load of zombie DLC--it would be a shame if they didn't cause Zombies = Money, there you go.

So I guess Black Ops isn't that bad.  It doesn't matter if I give this game a negative one million out of ten, y'all still buy it anyway.  So I guess EIGHT OUT OF TEN BABY.  It's Eric4372's Game of the Day, so check it out boys and girls.

Also, one more thing about Black Ops, remember that Henry Langham and GKNova stuff?  What does that have to do this now...?  We already know that previous zombie maps are laden with easter eggs, so why does Treyarch keep amusing us with this stuff?  I hope it comes into play in future DLC zombie maps.


Oh, and get this.  I'm playing Rock Band 3 again with No Fail On.  With No Fail on, it really doesn't matter if you can pass the song or not anymore (your score still saves to leaderboard), so let's go play some Expert Drums!  I played thirty songs in a row and I got all sweaty.  I'm playing for "fun" at this point so I dig into some hard junk.  Then I get to the quintessential pain-in-the-ass song in RB3, Llama by Phish.  Congrats, I can't even get three stars on this.  GOD, MAN.  Not the hardest song in the history of RB, but probably the hardest on-disc song of all RB games.


And you thought that was hard?  Well, here you go, the ELDTRICH ABOMINATION, hardest drum song.

Not much else to say.  I did FC Go Your Own Way (one of my favorite songs of all time) on Expert Vocals (yes I can do vocals, did you know that??).  And I'm gonna go ahead and embed that song cause it is worthy of being implemented into the blog entry.


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