Sunday, November 21, 2010

Playing Some Initial D, Black Ops: The "Nuketown Secret," and RB

EDIT: Updated a few days later.

Today, I wanted to go back to the old mall arcade where Daytona USA 2 once was.  Yes, there's still an arcade nearby that's alive and kicking.  So I'm checking it out to reminisce on old times and there's no change in the game lineup from a few months ago.  They've always been stubborn when it comes to games which is good if you're a fan of anything so you can play it for years (my Daytona 2 career was extended this way).  There's Initial D and Fast and the Furious, but that's it.  So I decide to give Initial D a try.  For 75 cents, it better be damn good cause I'm not paying a dollar for anything besides Daytona USA and stuff.

I really apologize for giving Initial D a hard time in the past.  It is one of Sega's creations after all.  I once was like, "This game's stupid, it's taking away from Daytona USA," which is sort of true, but I'd rather have Initial D than that Cruis'n/FnF junk.  Before today, I only played the game once a few years ago with a broken steering wheel.  So I was going in cold turkey here.

So I picked the '98 Subaru WRX, manual (yeah baby), that easy level, the second guy (2-stars).  I whoop his ass.  1:00 first lap, :58 next two laps.  It's fun drifting and stuff.  I don't like how you can rub off the walls like they're coated in vaseline (see Gran Turismo) but other than that, get a few powerslides going OutRun 2-style.  I can assure you I wasn't wall-riding or driving like a lunatic.  It was good, made me feel happy afterwards...  I didn't buy a card though but I found one lying around with a Honda S2000 with the name "MUNKY" but I don't know if I wanna use that one.  I'm a big Subaru guy anyway.

I'll say this.  If a decent Initial D port is released someday, I'll try it out.  It has to be something for Xbox 360 and all that.  I hear the most recent Ridge Racer is okay, but I don't's Ridge Racer...RIDGE RACER!!!...that we're talking about.


About NASCAR's Sprint Cup, this is the final race of the season.  This race is at Homestead, Miami (during the day which sucks).  It's between Denny Hamlin, Jimmie Johnson, and Kevin Harvick.  Johnson is only a few points behind but he has a much greater starting position than the others so he'll probably win again.  I don't have a favorite here.  I know no one really cares but it's worth mentioning cause of the Daytona-themed blog and all.

UPDATE: Jimmie Johnson won; this is his 5th straight title.  Hamlin and Harvick, you are both chokers who should be ashamed of yourselves.


Now this has to do with Black Ops.  Anyway, Treyarch loves to put little easter eggs/mysteries in their games for astute gamers to try to solve.  We've seen clues in CoD:WaW zombie maps and with the GKNova/Henry Langham transmissions so this is not new.

There is a multiplayer map in the game called Nuketown.  It's a '50-style neighborhood in the middle of a desert built to demonstrate the results of an atom bomb test.  In this map, there are 30 mannequins lying around.  In one interview, a developer dropped a little tidbit--if you shoot off all the mannequins' heads in a certain amount of time from the start of the match, you unlock a "secret."  So people scrambled to see what this secret was, but it was obscenely difficult because the mannequins are in random locations every time.

People made up stories about what happened when you accomplished the goal, though no one had any proof because "they forgot to record it" or "they didn't have a camera."  Remember, pics or it didn't happen.  According to rumors, this event triggered a combination of any of the following:

* Screen fades to pitch black
* Warning sirens go off
* Red strobe lights
* Military planes drop napalm
* MW2-style nuke countdown occurs
* Mannequins turn into zombies
* Mannequins drop weapons
* Unlock a new zombie map
* Unlock a new title
* The map goes from a standard multiplayer to a zombie game on the spot

Well some people actually did it.  And do you know what happened?

The Rolling Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil" starts playing over the speakers.  That's all.  Proof:

The same song plays in one of the campaign missions (shooting up Charlie on a gunboat).  So Treyarch loves messing with the people, I love it.


Ooh, one more thing.  This is Rock Band 3 we're talking about.  I was fooling around with my capture card, playing a random setlist and I got that Ace of Spades Expert Guitar FC just like that (FC = hit 100% of the notes without breaking your combo).  What an absolute shock.  I played this song like 100 times before and I always missed one or two notes.  It's not that hard of an FC though.  I also FCed Carry On Wayward Son, Welcome Home, Monkey Wrench, The Metal, Pinball Wizard, Smooth Criminal.  I have screen captures of these for proof.  Hwevero, this video's just for fun.  Check out the cool characters.

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