Saturday, November 6, 2010

Furries Love Daytona USA 2 (Including Other Crazy Characters)

I had this in my back pocket for a while but I figure I might as well post it.  I never expected this...

Doesn't really bother me, it's kind of cool.  Actually, it looks like he's doing a good job.  Oh, and let's not get into a furry rant--I mean, it's just a NORMAL FURSUITER playing an EXCELLENT GAME.

Ooh, look another picture, this one with Rush 2049, just to piss off the furry haters:

Link to the dude's account so it's not like I'm stealing anything

Speaking of which, I remember back at Chuck E. Cheese's a couple of years ago, I was playing San Francisco Rush and I was playing with this little black kid and we were making jokes and stuff.  It was rather funny.  Ok, what does that have to do with a fursuiter...well, crazy characters welcome, I guess (well as long as they're not murderers, rapists, and other contemptible fools who don't deserve the pleasure).  Wouldn't it be bad to play Daytona USA with an old woman?  That day reminded me of this:

I actually remember around 2003 I went to the arcade with my grandmother and she watched me beast it up on Daytona USA 2...she didn't play though.  She did play Project Gotham Racing for the Xbox once though.  She died two years later of cancer.  Definitely a sad moment.

EDIT: Let's throw in some more fun pics, let's get 'em in here:

I'm Popeye the sailor man...
(forgot where I found this pic) 
When it's time to party we will always party hard, party hard, party hard... (got pic from here)
BAHAHAHA, THIS IS GOLD.  Businessman playing Fast and the Furious Bikes.
Looking baffled with that blank stare, thinking "What the hell is this crap?" 
 Now this is stranger than the furry pic IMO.
(forgot where I found this pic) 

Now if you excuse me, I'm gonna go blow another $50 on Rock Band DLC.  Oh darn, just realized I'm broke right now.  HAHA

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