Thursday, November 24, 2011

Buy The CD: The Passengers--DRIVE IT!!!

This is a quickie post.  OH WELL, I don't have time for meaningful posts now.

A couple of years ago, when I was at Southeastern Louisiana University, I had to take an interdisciplinary art course.  One of the assignments was to create your own CD cover.  We had to cut out pictures from old magazines that the instructor had lying around.

And yeah baby did I ever create the best CD cover ever.  The band "The Passengers" with their latest platinum album "DRIVE IT!!!"  You're sitting in the back seat, well...go take the wheel.  And drive, baby.  A combination of Arena Rock (Boston, Aerosmith, and AC/DC) and Southern Rock (Lynyrd Skynard, Tom Petty, and Doobie Brothers).

Note how I didn't use any fancy sports cars.  Well, how many sports car ads are you going to find in old art magazines??  But you don't need to have expensive cars to get by.  Just drive what you got.  And maybe, someday, Ricardo Montalban will give you the keys to his Chrysler...

Download all the .mp3's from the iTunes store!!  Or pirate/download them from YouTube, what's the difference.

EDIT: If you didn't know already, this album is fake.

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  1. No I will not allow you to make Guest Posts on my blog about lethal automotive exhausts emitted from muscle cars.