Saturday, November 19, 2011

Daytona USA Guide: Make A Paper Hornet!!!

I have great, great news!!!  I've finally gotten around to scanning part of the official Daytona USA guide!  Well, some of the pages anyway.  I scanned interviews with Suzuki, Nagoshi, and Mitsuyoshi and some other stuff but not much actual guide stuff.  I didn't have time for all those pages and they're quite redundant anyway so big whoop.  Had to use the scanner at FIEA and I was afraid to bend the book's crease back more than I did today.

Click here for whatever Daytona guide pics I have so far!  More to come soon.

If you're still confused as to which books I'm talking about, click here (the Daytona book on the right).

Sorry, I can't help posting these hough jazz picks but since they lag, I uploaded smaller placeholder pics instead of the larger pics on Photobucket!!!  Go to the Photobucket link above for the larger pics.  But as a teaser to get you going, here's the paper Hornet car in question.....

Haha, I made this paper car, beotch...


Nagoshi-San...minus the tan & bling...

Mitsuyoshi-San!!!!!  Tu tu lu tu lu tu lu tu lu tooooo DAYTONA!!!!!


Tha Hornet

Dayum, look at those cars!!!!

The Daytona USA Cabinet!!!

More Fantastic Arcade Games Plus Daytona Logos!!!

I just thought this page was weird.  Take a look on the right.  Seems like Sega knew about the pitstop exploit way earlier than we expected.  And they're encouraging




Can you craft the Hornet car with your hands?  Well, here's your chance.


  1. Thanks a million for the scans! If I had this magazine when it first came out, I'd cherish that paper Hornet no differently than my copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga. That picture with the slide is hilarious.

    I wish I had stumbled upon this blog when I was attempting to model the Hornet car for my 3D Intro class - I had to recreate those decal graphics from scratch, and from less-than-reliable screenshots too. And apparently what I thought I read was really off, but at least no one noticed.

    Kind of interesting - my dad bought me a Sega Saturn magazine before I got the system, featuring the ins and outs of Daytona, Panzer Dragoon and Clockwork Knight. Uses the same map graphics and turn names as this one. I think it even uses the same screenshots with the pit lane exploit, but I think it merely mentions how there's no pit in the last lap. I'll have to check.

  2. Ha, the slide pic is someone said, "Hey let's go out to the rusty playground slide and watch it fall." Then they got the car all dirty :(

    I wish I could've hooked you up with the Hornet scans sooner... If you have any new Daytona media I haven't seen, feel free to post them. That would be great...

  3. Oi you might need to use Photoshop or something similar to be able to make a proper sized Hornet. I'm working on it and shit is so cash right now.

  4. You're making a hi-res paper Hornet using Photoshop? Can't wait to see that.