Sunday, November 6, 2011

There's A New Daytona/Crazy Taxi And You Never Knew About It???

It's a 2009 game for your Blackberry phone.  If you squint hard enough, you might be able to spot the Sega/AM2 logo.

Oh, lookie here!  There's a new Crazy Taxi game I must've missed and it's for what else besides Facebook???

Yeah, I see B.D. Joe there in that red square you call a car.  This must be Crazy Taxi 2 since you can use your hydraulics to jump over traffic.  Cruising through the desert carrying a passenger cross country Desert Bus-style while racking up major tips in the process.  All while jamming to some Offspring though it sounds like a specific classic rock song from a band named "Deep Purple."

If I already posted this then I apologize.  It's getting harder and harder to memorize every single thing I posted in the past.


  1. Sadly, yes, I was aware of both of these games. And you've gotta love how the image for "Daytona USA" mimics one of the flyers for another game called Daytona USA. ;) Hey, I think I saw Sonic in one of those images, or was that a KFC I saw?

  2. Ha, the Daytona game is a mobile device game so that doesn't bug me. It's going to "suck" regardless. The Crazy Taxi game is inexcuseable though. You can do much better than that since it has nothing to do with Crazy Taxi or even passenger delivery altogether...