Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How To Train Your Dragon Game AND MW3 Madness

Well, I've begun working on my fourth team game at FIEA.  Like the guys I'm working with--they seem competent, a turnaround from the debacle that was my previous project.  We have to work with existing non-video game intellectual properties.  To our surprise, the instructors allowed us to use any IP that we wanted which was a huge relief.  Didn't want to get stuck with some demeted violent action/horror flick.

So our team debated a lot on what we should do.  I threw in a few racing games but thought it would be too cop-outish as this stage of the game.  A NASCAR game wasn't dead-on-arrival by my teammates but none of us were willing to craft a racing sim (or whatever style we wanted) in two weeks.  Ultimately, we decided on one thing we all liked and that was...a How To Train Your Dragon "flight simulator."  Yeah, technically Toothless the dragon counts as a "vehicle" (a plane to be exact) so that's a win for our side?  Plus everyone loves dragons!

Oh, and the silver lining on the whole thing?  You play this game using the Microsoft Kinect.

But no, this game will be good.  Should be free-roam and fast-paced.  But you can't "die" or anything (though you will slow down if you crash).  Still stoked about this.  Get the flying part down and we should be doing great.  EDIT: Day two of development and we've radically changed this.  No longer is it "free-roam" but it's some on-rails experience with limited control.  I'm dismayed by this but I'm not a producer so I can't argue... :( :( :(


Ok, so let's talk about Modern Warfare 3.  So they're going to introduce new modes to the game.  One mode involves collecting dog tags from killed enemies to score points.  Just like in OutTrigger, huh?  And the other mode involves possessing a flag and holding it longer than the other team.  Just like The Living Daylights from Goldeneye N64...except on teams and you can shoot with the flag.

First Gun Game in Black Ops, now these two modes in MW3.  Call of Duty = a bunch of plagiarists--it is undeniable.  YUO GAIZ SECK LOLEOLOL!!

But I can't help but liken Call of Duty to a big, greasy hamburger.  Yeah, it's not good for you but looks damn good.  Everyone else is having it.  Come on, try it out.  And then you buy MW3 and Bobby Kotick profits.  Game over, everybody loses.

I'm not going to say that Modern Warfare 2 or 3 is bad here.  I mean, there's gotta be something good about Call of Duty...I played to 4th prestige in MW2 and 15th prestige in Black Ops (oh God).  Soooo...hate on it all you want because Activision keeps producing them but until you guys can come up with a better FPS then shove it.  For the record, I'm not for buying MW3 but I'm not going to say "it sucks ass lololol" ad nauseum.

As a matter of fact, I don't want to hear any of this Battlefield 3 crap.  Okay, so the game is good.  Really good.  But let's not pretend that EA is goody two-shoes and Activision is pure evil.  Cause EA is in some ways as messed up as a company.  Battlefield 3 is their money maker.  Origin sucks.  People having nightmare stories about installing the game on Reddit Gaming.  Particularly this story.  Deal with it.  Because Bobby Kotick is the poster child for "manipulative game executive" doesn't mean no such people exist on EA's side.  So you like BF3.  Okay, I'm not here to debate that.  Be a fanboy and just go away.

Now you can download a plugin that bypasses Origin's internal spyware.  We'll see how long this lasts before EA cracks down on it.

See...?  Both games are full of it.  So stop picking "good guys" here.  BTW, I didn't make this picture.

EDIT: Forgot to mention I don't plan on buying either of these.  But I've said that a few times already.

End of post.

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