Sunday, February 5, 2012

Get Connected: Win Free Stuff

I'm sitting around FIEA again and when I'm not burning out my eyeballs with C++/Unreal Script coding, I get to hear interesting things from Mr. Rick the Production teacher.

One of the things that is paramount is any career is to get connected with other people.  It's like advertising--you can have all the skills in the world and/or make the best products but if no one knows, then you will get nowhere.   But there's always other people.  Higher-ups who see value in you.  You make friends and expand your opportunities.  It's common sense, though people don't tend to think about it.  Some day, you may luck out and your dreams come true because you lucked out and met all the right people.  But it's very unlikely you'll meet one or two people and then all your dreams come true--it takes a multitude of relationships before you are elevated to greatness...lame, you gotta do all the hard work there.  Wish it was just like in the movies.

Great examples: In the 2006 feature film The Pursuit of Happyness (based on a real story), Chris Gardner (Will Smith) plays a completely broke man trying to get a job as a stockbroker in San Francisco.  This means undergoing a long-term internship with no pay or guarantee of getting the job.  Of course, this also means dressing up nice and duping his superiors into believing that he's not a homeless bum.  All while trying to find places to stay and take care of his son.

Eventually, he impresses one of his co-workers by solving a Rubix cube in a matter of minutes.  Then he does a good job selling stocks (or whatever) that the same co-worker offers him a free seat at his luxury suite at a 49ers game in Candlestick Park (oh God no).  Then Chris gets the job.  I bawled my eyes out.

If I got hired by Sega, this is what would ensue.

Another example is Harrison Ford.  Since the 60's, he's been hanging around Los Angeles trying to catch a break and become a movie star.  Failing numerous times, he became a carpenter for the stars.  He eventually made some kitchen cabinets for a certain movie director called George Lucas.  The two became friends.  Georgie needed someone to play the role in the little 1977 movie of his called Star Wars and...well, the rest is history.  Talk about being in the right place at the right time.


Back to the real world.  I'm just not very good at socializing with new people.  You have to find what you can advertise like...oh, like my programming skills, my l33t video game skills, my excellent blog, or my determination to win at Sega stuff.  But from what I hear, about 60% of all murders are done by people who are relatives/acquaintances of people they know.  So basically, the more people you meet, the more likely you are die.

I think it all comes down to fate.  You just need to be lucky.  But hard work and persistence will greatly raise those odds.

Now, here's my plan.  We're going on a Yu Suzuki/Toshihiro Nagoshi watch.  Check any possible conventions/PR events and go get those guys.  I know here at FIEA, a few of the instructors got passes for GDC in San Francisco (March 5-9) but they cost $750 a piece.  San Fran also happens to be the HQ for Sega of America.  The goal is to get to any of these guys--hell any Sega guys in general--and deliver my "elevator speech," that'll be so moving I'll get hired on the spot and get in there and save the video game industry.  Ridiculous, yes...but we got to try!!!  There's always other conventions like E3 or Comic-Con to check out.  Just keep your eyes peeled.  That's a good start.

"Sorry, I don't speak English"...DAMN my elevator speech failed.

Until then...try appealing to some EA guys.  I know there's a paintball outing coming up soon.  I've never played paintball before but it would be hella fun to shoot the crap out of EA guys!!!  Lol, no, I'm getting over my head.  Dueces, man, dueces.

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