Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sonic & Sega Racing 2, AWWWWWW YEAH

Happy Valentine's day.  Oh, this is just great--a sequel to Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, leaked by a Sega booth attendant at the New York Toy Fair.  His ass is fired but don't frag the messenger...thank him for the great news!

I needed a picture so I got this.

I keep reading on these websites that this game is another "crap Sonic game."  First, this game wasn't crap--yeah it wasn't flawless but it was good (78% on GameRankings).  Second, in case you couldn't read, it's a "SEGA" game, not a Sonic game.  The only really good Sega racer we got in recent times.  Really, what else am I supposed to play?  Mario Kart?  Where are all these people flipping out over Mario Kart 7?  No, cause Mario Kart 7 is mediocre (don't shoot me for this).  Move over, Nintendo, cause Sega can do Kart racing too.

Look, the Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing talk isn't old, I went into detail about it long, long ago.  Sumo Digital also ported OutRun 2--I have a lot of faith in these guys to do better with SaSASR 2 than with 1.

EDIT: Guess I'll say this.  I know that SaSASR 1 was lacking in the content department.  Too many Sonic characters and recycled track assets.  I think if they append what they did from the first game to the second (I am all in favor of re-using tracks from the previous game even if they undergo few changes) then that'll be great.


....Aaaaaannnnnddd, I can't talk much nowadays since I've done so much programming homework that at the end of the day, I'm not in the mood to stare at the screen.  Second homework assignment I turned in five minutes before the deadline (11:55 pm).  It's like defusing bombs with seconds to spare--it's fun!!!

Quick, you have 16 hours to finish the 32 hour-long assignment or else you lose 10% credit for each day late, PROGRAM FASTER YOU NUBS!!!!1!!1!!!!!!!!!!!  What's that--you only have one hour left?  Thirty minutes???  TEN MINUTES???  Will I crash the build if I submit this?  WWWWAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Not a big fan of S&SASR, it all felt like a rushed cash-in attempt.

    Now, driving was fun and all, but some of the things seemed completely backwards.
    Why would they include Zobio and Zobiko when barely anyone knows The House of the Dead DX? And Bonanza Bros? Why?!
    7 out of 20 non-platform-dependent characters are Sonic-related, a bit of an overkill IMHO.
    Most tracks are pretty uninspiring.

    Inclusion of Ryo was especially weird - Sega uploaded a special trailer showcasing Ryo to show everyone that he's present in the game, but despite all the hype there's no Shenmue-themed track.

    Wish they'd finally give their older, more forgotten franchises some attention. Ristar? Streets of Rage? Shinobi?
    Shit, why not include some Phantasy Star characters? Picture Alis and Myau flying around in miniature Landale.
    Instead, we get four-too-many Sonic characters.

    I know I'm probably way too harsh, but I can't help it, I was really disappointed with this.
    I sure hope they put more effort into the sequel. This felt like Superstars Tennis remade into a racing game, since the character roster is pretty much identical minus the Golden Axe dwarf noone cared for.

  2. You know, I kind of agree with you. Some of the character choices were strange. Sonic IS Sega's hallmark series so it's not surprising that it would have a bunch of characters & tracks. I think the zombie guys were recognizable in Japan more than in the US (think Lucas from SSB:B). And I agree they recycled the same level assets too much but that's all the devs could produce in the frame of time they were given (I assume).

    But as a driving game I thought it was great. Plus it had tons of Sega stuff in it--not as much game diversity as we liked but still better than nothing. If they build this game off the first, there's no reason why it should have much more diversity. Otherwise, it'll be a huge disappointment...

  3. I loved the first game itself, though my main quirks with the game are pretty much the same as everyone else's. Too much Sonic characters/courses, Sega preferring 30 fps over 60, out-of-place voice clips (mostly Shadow). I thought the detail, animation and track design were great though. I did like most of the character choices, especially the more forgotten ones, though I agree with Zobio & Zobiko. They want to include HOTD but they're bending themselves backwards because the HOTD series is banned in Germany, that or to keep the M-rated franchise references minimal to keep it kid friendly or something. And there was the whole ToeJam & Earl issue. But let's hope it's more diverse. Go Sumo!