Monday, February 20, 2012

In Need Of Cultural Enlightenment

I'm going to keep this brief.  Right now, at the end of the day, I have very little mental energy left for posting blog stuff.  How typical of game studios (FIEA) to lock you in a room with dim lights and no windows so you can't even see the trees or flowers or squirrels or birds or bees flying around outside...sit in your little box staring at electronic devices for 10+ hours a day.  Can't be good for our health now is it?  Then again, if we weren't game designers, we'd be staring at our computer screens that long anyway so w/e...

All I really do is drive to and from FIEA, that's it.  I'm boring but it's not my life's aspiration to go to bars and get wasted.  Sorry, I like to stay clean...and driving-ready at all times.

Anyway, there's a theater near the FIEA building and one of the shows they held recently was a Billy Joel orchestra.  Now I really like Billy Joel and it would be nice to actually do something besides sit in front of a computer surrounded by slobs and miscreants.  But tickets cost $70 (plus $10 parking but I have a pass to get in for free) and I was busy that weekend.  So no go--another lame weekend.

But my birthday is coming up.  And I was looking around for something to do and I have a bit of an opening from work to do something different for a change.  And I'll go ahead and spill the beans:

Tickets to the Daytona 500!!!!!  Third row from the track!!!

^ You gotta crank this up for maximum effect...

It's February 26, less than a week away.  Going to the race with my dad.  Daytona Beach is only one hour from Orlando so that's an easy drive.  You see, let me go ahead and tell you why I'm so pissed about all these other racing games.  They are so full of crap--none of them convey the "intangibles" of racing thrills like Daytona USA 2 (and other Sega racers) do.  So they load their games up with crashes and other phony baloney garbage.  I mean, for those of you who critique actually have to be there to get the full effect.  Four hours of racing...holy cow, I can't wait.  I'M STOKED!!!

Yeah, I know that NASCAR isn't considered "cultural" like visiting a museum, a 5-star restaurant, or the opera but I don't care, rofl.  You don't need to be a redneck to like NASCAR.

BTW, the Final Destination 4 NASCAR scene is just utterly shameful & disgusting...I piss all over that scene--go take your carnage elsewhere.  Seriously, I lost IQ points watching that garbage.  If I lose my head from a loose tire (not very likely), then I'm gonna be f'n pissed.  NASCAR is supposed to be a good time, not mind-numbingly retarded...

Now I have to go to sleep...


  1. That is awesome news. My wife's recently spoiled me with some Pistons tickets and as a huge NBA and Pistons fans, I know how much fun it is to view an event like that in person. I hope you enjoy!

  2. Thanks man, you really need to see a NASCAR race up close to understand the truly appreciate the sport :)