Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lots Of Sega Fan Stuff: Bonus Points For Trying!!

Check out some new Sega-related media I found.  This pic I think I fluked out on since it's not even on a "website."  I found it in a Google image search:

Man, I ain't even that good at Etch-A-Sketch, props...

So pre-Daytona 2 guide days were brutal since we couldn't make Daytona 2 art at all.  Like this:

Compare to the real thing:
Is this nightmare fuel???

A blog called "Mapstalgia" consists of user contributions of video game stages/levels drawn from memory.  Like this, holy cow.  Someone attempted to draw the Crazy Taxi city.  Here it is:

Alright, let's see how you did today--let's take a look...

Take this real map, try to get it to lined up with the sketch and it's impossible.  Looks like you twisted the city into a pretzel (both coasts parallel to each other) but nonetheless, this lineart is very piretty!  Quick, now I will try to draw track layouts from memory:

That's some mad skills right there.

Also, I saw some French dudes drew up a concept logo for Sega.  Here it is:

If Sega were to change their logo, it would be the kiss of death...

Remember Rare??  Remember long ago when they made awesome games like Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Banjo Kazooie, Donkey Kong, etc?  Now remember the time they changed their logo and were forced to make pathetic sports Kinect games for their tenure at Microsoft?  C'mon man!!!

And Kotaku posted a link to some music video--an "ode to arcade games" or something.  Gee whiz, the last time a band tried to do this, the results were shocking.  But this music video is pretty much all about Streets of Rage 2 (a modified version that is).  If you love Streets of Rage and pop music, then this is most definitely your thing.  But I also spy with my little eyes a Daytona USA 2 cabinet.  And Time Crisis 4.  Seriously, I know that Time Crisis 4 even with the crap "Game Over" logo you pasted on the screen.

Also, this is THE BEST FAN ART EVER!!!

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