Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Daytona USA, COME ON DOWN!!!

You're the next contestant on today's GameFAQs Top 10 List!  But considering how little anyone actually cares about you or Sega, it looks like you won't be leaving Contestants' Row.

Here we go, the The Top 10 Arcade Style Racing Games In Need Of A Modern Sequel.  And without even reading the list, I can tell you the correct top ten, and they are:

10. Indy 500!
9. Super Hang-On (with handlebars controller)!
8. Initial D (for home consoles)!
7. San Francisco Rush 2049!
6. F-Zero GX (can't let Nintendo win so they aren't going higher)!
5. Crazy Taxi 3!
4. Sega Rally Revo (with original SR handling)!
3. Super Sprint (o wait, that's my job)!!!
2. OutRun 2!
1. Daytona USA 2!

But this clever guy deviates from my list and puts Daytona USA at #4 (and Crazy Taxi at #7).  But about Daytona... FOURTH???  YOU MEAN NOT FIRST???  FOURTH ISN'T EVEN IN VICTORY LANE, WHAT A RIPOFF!!!   The blurb says:

DAYTONAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Okay, ya caught me, I'm a fanboy, and not putting this game higher was hard. Daytona USA was THE 3d racing game that changed everything. When it comes to racing games, F-Zero is the originator, Mario Kart brought in mulitplayer, and Daytona USA brought it screaming into 3D. Even now, with the PSN re-release, I still rock this game, and made sure to get 100% of the trophies on it. The only problem with a sequel is the fact that the franchise is a niche, and that Sega isn't focusing on such franchises anymore. But hey, I'd be ok even with a cameo in the next "Sonic and Sega All-stars racing" game.

Well, this list entry really doesn't make sense since Daytona 1 technically has a remake (XBLA/PSN) AND a sequel (Daytona 2/Scud Race) so what does this mean?  Well it means that we want a new Daytona game which is stellar.  But put the game at first ahead of Star Wars: Pod Racer, Crash Team Racing, and F-Zero GX and we'll talk. Terrible, NASTY Top 10 list, you should be ashamed of yourselves!!  Lol, I held my breath when scrolling through the was CLOSE but no cigar.  Also, Burnout.

Seriously, if it needed be, I could write an essay on why Daytona USA needs another "sequel."  Or hell, a big ass essay pimping out Sega racers in general (which I already did, dummies).  I don't need no lousy GameFAQs Top 10 Lists to get the job done.  As a matter of fact, ANYTHING that has to do with GameFAQs is automatically tarnished, like George with the book in the bathroom.  GameFAQs is like a public restroom, it all makes sense now (first person to photoshop this wins a prize)!

I also like when GameFAQs tries to tell me what the best games ever are via some mass-distributed "opinion" (or so-called fact) pieces.  Or when we get told how "special" certain genres of games are, particularly certain genres fond to Nintendo or Square-Enix.  Like this perplexing, TL;DR article--puzzle, simulation, and 2D shooters are in the Top 10 of Game Genres but racing is not?  Maybe he is right because the video game industry has been taking a proverbial dump on our faces with this sad, sorry excuse of a video game genre.

Whatever, everyone bashes GFAQs Top 10's.  But that's how I roll--I get irate over much ado about nothing.  Not even going to bother with a Crazy Taxi rant either.  At least Kotaku gave shout-outs to Fighters Megamix and the Hornet car in a recent article.  For once, that site does something right.

And now time to usher Sega & Daytona USA off stage as usual.  Make way for the  FPS/RPG/Adventure/Nintendo game pimpage!  No cars in this Showcase Showdown, for sure.

Remember to control the used game population; don't do business with GameStop!

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