Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter, Happy Passover

Have a good one guys.  Take a break for once.  The significance of these days far surpasses that of "lousy ass video games."  But you know what I'm talking about so Praise God & Praise Jesus.

But...there's no NASCAR this weekend.  Yes I do watch the races (why not?).  Instead, Speed Channel aired the Barrett-Jackson Automobile Auctions for a week straight.  Which is good but I need some racing to hold me over!  Since Speed Channel airs a billion car parts ads each commercial break, here's my favorite:

Holy s***, Country Rock = Car-gasm.  N-N-N-NAPA KNOW HOW!!!  If you're about to post how much Country sucks then STFU.


I should also mention I've gone back and disabled a few irrelevant/useless posts from a year or two ago, mostly pertaining to the GameFAQs private board contest, the biggest tease in history...  But anyway, don't worry about it because the average quality of every post has now gone up!  Good day.

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