Friday, June 1, 2012


DAMAIT PEOPLE, it took me two hours to make this 100% legit pic:

What if I told you that the Hornet appeared in a Ridge Racer game, complete with a Dinosaur Canyon clone and a new Mitsuyoshi song (or at least an imitator) all thanks to PS Vita DLC??? Well yeah...cause that's exactly what happened!!!!

So then I watched the video and I was like:

I'm sorry about the very offensive f-bomb.  I contemplated for 20 minutes whether to use this picture at all.  So what does this mean???  Is Sega in bed with Namco now?  First the Sega x Namco x Capcom game, now this?  Is Namco trying to steal more thunder from Sega now or what?  Whose wise idea was this?  Certainly it wasn't Nagoshi since he's out drinking & recruiting more Yakuza models.  And why is Sega assisting Namco when they should be helping THEMSELVES make another racing game???  And will Namco/Sega include the Hornet in Ridge Racer: Unbounded 2 as well (assuming they make a POS sequel)???

Lol, jk, that's crazy talk, in reality it's great cause we got a new Daytona USA.  Sort of.  Add the Hornet MT colors and then we'll talk.  Therefore...


    You seen this yet?

  2. ^ I would've tried for a more Virtual-On look myself.
    I thought the Hornet DLC was a pretty interesting idea, but it's odd to see the car race in an environment that doesn't have the Sega feel to it.

  3. Lol, never seen that t-shirt before. Though I admit the Transformers (or Gundam Wing) / Hornet combo is a bit off for some reason.

  4. They also have an Outrun shirt.

  5. Found the guy who made the "Daytonabot" artwork:

    Speaking of Daytona shirts, I actually own a custom white one with the 1994 Hornet logo on the back, and the side bumper stickers that make up the back. I think it was made by the guys at, but I can't find the selling provider.