Sunday, June 24, 2012

Super Sprint 1.2 Video Update

Put plenty of time into Super Sprint lately but have had very little to say about it.  I just made a big video containing most of what I've done since the last update.  Too lazy to type out methodologies and so forth--save it for later.  Just watch the video, check out my annotations, and I'll get around to documenting this into further detail later.

Maybe I'll release 1.2 but without online play.  Online is a monster of its own--lemme get as much single-player stuff out of the way now before embarking on online mode again.

Anyway, if you still have any suggestions or want to help with the graphics/sprites and so forth, let me know.  It's still a massive work in progress.


  1. I would love to see some of the Danny Sullivan Indy Heat tracks make their way on here.

  2. I love you're remake the gameplay is perfect i have so much fun with but i have only the version 1 :/
    I have made a sound mod very cool and 'll try to finish my track if u want i can give you my work on it.
    Can you send me the v1.2 on ? please
    Hope you 'll finish the online code this game as a lot of potential (skinning for car ,track designing easy sound change and ABSOLUTE gameplay) don't give up ;)
    Ps1:excellent blog i have the same love for arcade racing and i love sega racer's ! outrun is my fav.
    U rock!
    Ps2: sorry for my crappy english.