Tuesday, June 5, 2012


So I'm sitting around putting up with coverage of everybody else then I find out about this on the blogs. WHAT'S THAT, THE HORNET CAR???  *pulses rising*  what Is THIS???  COULD WE GET THE HORNET IN SEGA ALL-STARS RACING 2???  OR MAYBE A NEW DAYTONA?k$#@j@#?$k!?!?!?!???

SIKE!!!  IT'S NOT THE HORNET!!!  It's just Danica Patrick in a Sega All-Stars themed stock car.  Which'll appear in the game.  lolwut??  Um, that's interesting (to say the least).

Lol, Sega!!!  Thanks for getting me all hyped up at worked for nothing!!!  Although stock cars are cool. 

Not a bad looking car though.  If she races this thing for real, she better damn well win this race for SEGA AND DAYTONA'S SAKE!!!!

Good old Sega... *deflates like a balloon*

EDIT: You want new info?  Here's a new pic (there are plenty of these all over the web EDIT: but just go to Danica's official site):

EDIT: You can watch the Danica's speech & unveiling of the car here:

 I swear, the video is really this narrow.

Danica will be free DLC (you sure that's free?).  DarthSOL on the Sonic Stadium board (why not the OutRun Online Arcade board???) about how Danica will not "replace" any other characters.  So is this a bad thing?  Not really, no.

As to why I'm mad, it's not that I have anything against Danica...it's just that WHY would Sega wheel out a stock car AT E3 OF ALL PLACES that has NOTHING to do with Daytona USA???  I've become numb all over, I can't do jack s*** right now, let me go take some pills & recover from this first before I talk about it again.


  1. A quick skim across the web and it seemed everyone was expecting and wanted the Hornet. If Sega didn't foresee that then I don't know what to think.

  2. Pretty much! I don't think people were holding their breath for Danica. The Hornet still has a cult following--otherwise, we would've never received that Daytona USA 1 port. Though I was hoping for that Daytona USA 3 announcement too.