Thursday, June 14, 2012


Ohohoho have NO IDEA how great of a day tomorrow will be.  Guess what I get to do???  Go on, say it.  Ok, I will tell you now...





I get to go on a field trip to THE EA TIBURON STUDIOS IN MAITLAND, FLORIDA!!!

So thrilled, yes I am.  I get to go to EA.  Sounds like fun until you realize...I'm going to EA.  It's like waking up on the morning before your wedding and you realize you hate your wife-to-be.  I CAN'T GO, GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!  I'M IN THE CARPOOL HEADED TO THE PLACE--GOTTA BAIL SO TIME TO TUCK AND ROLL OUT THE DOOR!!!

Actually, I made the joke that if I were one of the carpool drivers transporting people to and from EA, I would get everyone in the car and take an "unknown shortcut" when I'm really heading in the opposite direction of the building.  Once people catch on to my antics, it's too late for them to go to EA, therefore I performed my little Schindler's List deed of keeping a handful of people away from EA forever!  Yeah, it's just a few people but it's better than none at all!  Oh, if only I had a bigger car!!  We can all go to Five Guys instead, now that place is awesome and no one would get mad at me.  *notbad.jpg*

I know that we're getting a tour of the place and are presenting our capstone games to some hardass execs.  But we also had to sign NDAs beforehand so I can't spill the beans on what I learned...?  Like what, exactly?  If I'm told they're working on a Madden 14 (ZOMG EPIC SPOILARS) does that count as breaking the NDA?  In other words, if EA is performing criminal or paranormal activity there, I can't say it.  Well, maybe...if I don't mind being fined/imprisoned just to see EA's demise.  It's totally worth it.

So the Tiburon studio has a website and holy cow--I gotta tell ya, the place has got some nice digs. I can smell the air fresheners already!  Like if this were some average Joe studio and not part of EA, I'd like it.  But no, it is in fact EA so I have my doubts.  Like I said before, at least they make sports games...better that than a lot of other crap I'd pick apart for no reason because it's not a Sega/happy/racing game.

Oh, and guess what.  They have a NASCAR exhibit there (at least a couple of years back).  OH WATE THATS RIGHT EA's NASCAR games suck and they don't even own the license anymore.  SUCKERS!!!

Anyway, it makes me wonder...what do Sega's development studios look like?  It just makes me sad that places like EA (of all GD places) are so slick and professional while I visualize Sega as an animal house full of idiots who can't piece together a coherent Sonic game.  Really, it doesn't matter how "cool" EA Tiburon is (or any other places I go after school) cause I'm movin' out anyway for many places in order to get "closer" to Sega.  What a bummer--I don't think I'll ever feel home anywhere.  I just wish Sega didn't tease us as much as they do.  I'm sleep-deprived right now so I have nothing left to add to the conversation so I'm calling it quits RIGHT NOW.


  1. Hey Eric,

    if you want to know why you think the way you do then I'd recommend that you watch this documentary:
    download it or buy it if you haven't already.

    This documentary is unreal and all aspiring game designers should watch it.

    I have no ties to this movie, but I think it will help you find your way.


  2. Sounds like a cool movie but I hardly have the time to watch anything these days...oh well, I'll get to it soon.