Thursday, November 22, 2012


Hornet Classic.....bitches.

You need 165 stars in the World Tour to unlock it.  It's very hard but took me a day & a half to do.  Thankfully you don't have to beat the whole game on the hardest difficulty to do it.

The "AGES" default stats (and every other character unlocked).

Hornet FTW!

The AGES' "driver" is a Dreamcast VMU.  Nope, not weird at all.

Very good character indeed...the Hornet's pit chief isn't the same VA as the original Daytona but it's close enough.  For the record, that's what the Hornet says out loud.  If you're passing by the Hornet, you may even hear the pit chief speaking!  The Dreamcast boat is also hilarious--it makes Dreamcast main menu noises ("bbbrrrrring!!!") and even the noise the console emits when loading the CD ("kzzzt-kzzzt").  Genius!  The Afterburner Jet says typical fighter pilot stuff.  Just weird piloting the F-14 Tomcat but not being able to fire missiles & stuff at will :/

I hate Traffic Attack, it's what you're forced to do in Hell.  Anyway, by sheer skill, memorization, and luck I managed to 4-star them all just to exorcise the demons and I never have to play those missions EVER AGAIN.

The game is very tough but there's the chance to go for 232 stars (4-star everything) for a few reasons...achievement points, unlock the last AGES mod for super speed, and bragging rights.  But more on that later.  Happy Thanksgiving!  Thanks to Sumo Digital and Sega on a job well done!  And thanks to the fans who signed the petitions cause now Segata Sanshiro and Ryo Hazuki are sitting cozy at 1800+ votes when the goal was just 1000 signatures per character!  And as always, a special thanks to the Armed Forces, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, and Emergency Personnel!  I'll check you guys out...later.


  1. Hey Eric, it's Alex here (aka MrThunderwing from the Supermodel forum). I'm waiting for my copy of this to arrive in the post at the moment, but have been giving the demo a good thrashing in the meantime. I'm a bit concerned though to hear you say that unlocking the Hornet is difficult - it's basically one of the main reasons I bought the game! Is it hard to unlock in that it just takes a long time to collect all the stars you need or is it more of a 'CPU opponents are a bunch of cheating-rubber-band-bastards that won't let you get first place' kind of difficult? I HATE it when game designers deliberately make stuff ridiculously hard to unlock (I'm looking at you F-Zero AX tracks)- These days I just want to play games for fun, not to get so pissed off with a game I want to smash my controller to pieces.

  2. Hi Alex, I'm going to discuss that in my next post! It's weird cause there's radically mixed opinions on how difficult the game is...

  3. Hornet is in this game? I'm so getting it!