Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Two Shoutouts To Great SEGA Gentlemen

I always come on this blog and call out enemies of the Sega Nation all the time.  Yet I should flip it around and mention those guys who do the Sega Nation well.  Here goes.

One, I'm on Reddit Gaming again, and believe me when I say Reddit Gaming (and Reddit in general) sucks.  But I glance over it daily to get a pulse of gamer culture at that moment.  And here's the top story with 900+ comments (that's a frickin hell of a lot)--a guy puts together a "gaming house" full of consoles, PCs, and arcade cabinets.  Okay, sweet, this is a good Reddit Gaming post so I can't complain.  Really need to check out the gallery.

Guess what he's got inside?  MUTHA EFFIN SCUD RACE TWIN CABINET???

A Reddit Commentator -

I wonder how secure is this house. Now that probably every burglar in the world knows that so much stuff is inside, it's pretty tempting to steal all this shit.

Anyway amazing setup, i liked arcade racing machines the most, also i twitched seeing those cds, no matter if they're the cheapest of all of this, he should treat them with respect :P

Another thing that bothered me was screen sizes, shouldn't all be the same? or the owners screen is the biggest and you, little pawns, can have those tiny ones?

I hope to see more photos :D

Thank you so much Reddit user Citizen_Gamer for posting pics of this and doing your part to get Sega Racers a little more exposure.  Nice house and thanks for having that friend of yours making the world a better place...one arcade at a time.  I don't have a Reddit account (and I really don't want one...that site's all about being upvoted) but I wish I could put in a good word for him.

AND THEN, there's this...this is on SEGAbits, same site that had DarthSOL on the podcast to do Q&A'S. Well they did a brief story on Danica's 14th place finish and posted the links to Danica's Sega car gallery and a Fox Sports race recap.  Funny thing is I referenced the same exact two links in my blog post and I don't think these guys are digging around for obscure Danica stuff either.  So is it possible they read my blog?  I'm not mad, obviously I look up to them for Sega news and that's great if we got a little webring going cause us Sega fans need to stick together lest we get cannibalized by this stupid gaming media.  But it's cool bro, good job with the short story and it's great that people know more about Danica's race, that's all.

Oh yeah, one more thing.  Also on Reddit Gaming, there's a classic Sega Genesis plug-in-and-play console with 80 games already built in to the console.  Supposedly $30 bucks at Best Buy, Rite Aid, any generic store.  I mean, I hear from one or two people it's crummy but others say it's alright so I can't attest to its quality.  The packaging looks okay so it doesn't look like a Chinese knockoff like the "Greatstation 3."  So I wanna let you know there's a new Sega console floating around out there in stores so keep your eyes peeled on it.  It's not a Dreamcast 2 but it'll do for now.

Speaking of which...Dreamcast 2 coming out in a month.  ERMAHGERD GUYS I CAN'T WAIT.

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