Saturday, November 3, 2012

Danica's 14th Place Finish (Post-Race Stuff)

Well, Danica finished 14th place in her one and only Sega car debut at Texas.  Here are some low-quality pics on RaceBuddy and the First Row Sports stream I took (click to blow 'em up):

The race, at least as of now, was a let down.  Danice started 8th, dropped to 12th, then made it back up to 5th as she ran laps as fast as the leader.  But then, with 70 laps to go, her right front tire shredded and she had to pit out of sequence.  Also some of the pit crew changes to her car slowed her down a bit, or something.  So she barely squeaked out a 14th place finish as she held off faster cars as much as she could on old tires.  For a second, I thought Danica could actually win but in typical Sega fashion, things didn't work out in the end.  I know it's crazy to expect a win but she couldn't even "make it to Victory Lane" (top 3) or even crack the Top 10 so it was a "meh" performance.  Maybe I am being pessimistic but she was doing great halfway there but couldn't keep it up to the end.

There wasn't much Sonic & Sega All-Stars pimpage on TV.  I really wonder if the NASCAR crowd even cares about Sega or Danica anyway.  What did Sega really gain out of Danica's car?  If there is one good thing to take away, it's that Sega got a little face time and that Danica finished the race without a scratch on the car.  That shredded tire incident was probably a miracle (watching the race live on TV, there's so much going on at once so you never know about those things until much later).  Our Danica fandom unfortunately ends here.  She's fulfilled her Sega quota and she'll go sponsor whatever dumb products they throw at her.  Next, we wait for the actual Sega All-Stars Racing game to be released then deal with the idiotic reviewers next.  Someday, Sega will make it back to the NASCAR oval and we will win again.  Today's not that day.  Until then, be proud that Danica did "okay."

I know some will question why I made a big deal out of this.  Why it was a red letter day to me.  Hey, how often do you see "SEGA" printed on a stock car?  Sega racing fan, put the clues together, now you know why it was so important.  Even if the outcome was probably so significant regardless of what happened.  It makes a feel good story anyway.

Was a beautiful car too...shame she couldn't win in it.  Oh poor Sega...  That's just the way it is...some things will never change.

BTW, Danica reminding you about Daylight Savings tonight.  Finally, I get that extra hour.  Now go drive the Tissot Swiss Watches car and get outta here...

Unless there's some Danica post-race news that's worth posting, I'll probably go on the down low for the next few days because of the Presidential Election.  Once that passes over, I will return and talk about stupid crap no one cares about yet again.  Oh, and I will also blow up my website and fix it in the meantime (maybe).  Laters.

BTW, LSU just blew the game to Alabama in typical Les Miles fashion.  I swear, LSU will always be Bama's bitch.  As someone from LA, it's sad but true.

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