Friday, November 9, 2012

Another Super Sprint Clone

So here's a flash game I've had in my Bookmarks for way too long.  Turns out that emulating Super Sprint is the way to go for avid racing game fans.  Sure, this one's not terrible but not great.  You play as the red ant...err, car (another one of those "you're the red car and you're stuck with it" games).  Hold space for gas, press left and right arrows to turn.  Not much else to it.

Steering is weird.  Unlike the original Super Sprint or my remake, there's no drifting at all.  So it takes a little while to get used to turning on a dime.  Oh yeah, if you touch the walls, you instantly explode.  The explosion sound is quite satisfying but it's nauseating to think the walls are instant death.  At least the computers will occasionally touch the walls too so you're not alone.  Also, the car is going slow enough to make it somewhat easy although going slow is just boring, heh.

The AI cars are pretty cheap.  There's always one or two cars that slingshot into the lead and are just faster than you and there's nothing you can do about it.  Thankfully, you must finish 3rd or better to stay alive (you have 3 lives, lose them all and the game's over).  Just like RC Pro Am.

There's also chevron turbo boosters, intersections, bridges,upgrades, and other crazy s*** like checkered flag props  Yet there's no wrenches, oil slicks, or tornadoes so it's not a true Super Sprint game, eh?  The 3-second music loop isn't the worst but it's pretty bad.  Not as bad as the previous Flash racing game I reviewed but still, this one's stupid enough to waste 5 minutes on.

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