Wednesday, July 21, 2010

First Post

First, I would like to say that I hope this blog doesn't get deleted or anything because years from now, I may end up getting really pissed.  I read the Terms of Use but I always find ways to step on landmines...

Anyway, this is my first rant, but I might as well get all the GameFAQs crap out of the way.  I posted on the Daytona USA 2: Power Edition board for about seven years.  I felt it was my solemn duty to keep the board semi-alive and share what was on my mind and accept other people's opinions.  I started going around with a link in my signature to try to get people to go there.  But mods unplugged it on July 18th.  Thankfully, I got a 500 topic before they decided my efforts were off-topic:

First topic gets deleted and then about 12 hours later, I post another topic and warn others to specifically post about Daytona USA 2 only.  That topic gets deleted too.  Apparently, I'm under the impression some mod saw the link in my sig and decided to camp out and score some points to look good on his resume.  Movin' on up to Super Mod/Admin I guess...

I decided to fight back and contest the moderation.  I remember a similar thing happened on my YouTube two years ago where my account was suspended for posting a video with a clip that had the "Comedy Central" logo in the corner.  Wow, Viacom strikes again.  I actually sent some letters in and got my account back which exists like normal.  But this time around, I wasn't so lucky.  This is the whole diatribe:

You said on

7/18/2010 3:49:28 AM

This topic follows the content of the board in that me and a few others talk about Daytona USA 2 and other similar racing games made by the same company. It is not as off-topic as it seems. There is no use of profanity, insults, and other agression used against other users. Also, if this helps any, this is an "abandoned" message board where we talk privately without interfering in the affairs of those on more popular message boards.

A Mod/Admin replied on

7/18/2010 7:21:18 AM

This board(while it may be dead) still has topicality rules in place. Which means discussions outside of the game in general can be considered off-topic.

You said on

7/18/2010 8:59:34 AM

Sir, if I am not allowed to have a topic loosely based on the game Daytona USA 2, then where else on GameFAQs am I allowed to do this?

A Mod/Admin replied on

7/18/2010 3:51:51 PM

On a social board?

You said on

7/18/2010 4:40:27 PM

The purpose of creating the topic was for the accumulation of knowledge and experiences around the target game, in this case, Daytona USA 2. Because people who have played this game have played games similar to that one (ex. Daytona 1, OutRun 2), it is only natural that they may share experiences on more games than just the one mentioned in the title. The experiences are compared simply because they're made by the same company, have similar control, are all found in arcades, etc. In other words, you cannot focus on just one of these games without bringing up the others at some point.

As for "other games," such as Cruis'n World or Hydro Thunder, these games have some similarities to the target game Daytona 2 (both racing games, both in arcades, made by rival companies) and thus, comparisons can be made between both games as well.

As said in the bullet points, topics should always be related to that game or system in some manner. Clearly the target game, Daytona 2, is referenced in nearly every post in the topic and thus, I consider the thread as on-topic.

The reason why this thread is on this specific board is because a social board is too broad of an environment to post about this specific topic on. For one, this topic doesn't generate that much of an interest among the mainstream to stay afloat on any normal social board for that long, thus going through the nuisance of having to bump or create multiple topics, causing the conversation to become disjointed and ultimately lost forever. Also, no one is going to a social board to specifically look for topics on Daytona USA 2/Sega racing games. Finally, those who go looking on the Daytona USA 2 board with the intent on talking about the game will obviously not be aware of the discussion going on elsewhere.

The only place for this discussion to properly exist is on this board and I hope my case is understood.

A Mod/Admin replied on

7/21/2010 10:22:36 AM

First off, I wonder if the mods or admins are even moved by this slightly and will stop to play Daytona USA 2 if they see in the arcades.  No, they'll probably just go play Street Fighter and DDR.  That's fantastic.  I hope the admin had to read that large lump of text I posted, but probably not so I don't get the pleasure of wasting his time I suppose.  Probably just a bunch of Cruis'n junkies who are enraged by my comments.

Basically, doesn't matter that the game is 12 years old, it's still off-topic.  While I admit that I just didn't talk about Daytona USA 2, it's like getting a speeding ticket for going 71 mph in a 70 mph zone.  Okay, what's the point?  I know that "others are doing it doesn't make it right" argument apparently doesn't fly with them, but this kind of off-topic crap flies all the time, even when it's brutally obvious.  See here:
Also, about the Nonstop Gaming Board (I have it in my favorites...I don't know why, I don't post), like I said, I don't see the point of pitching a tent right in the thick of some guys who just talk about all the new cool FPSes and RPGs.  Yeah, hello everyone on the Nonstop Gaming board, make way cause I want to talk about Sega racing games!  That'll work out.
Let's say this.  Let's say that the Daytona 2 board remains dead.  Let's say that there's a poor soul or two out there who has a question or opinion about the game.  He posts on the D2 board.  His topic is locked 5 days later because no one replied.  No one (except for maybe me) is going to check the board for questions and stuff.  So no one's happy, no one on the D2 board learns anything.  I believe that even if the board struggled in the last year or so that people did learn things and were happy.  Now it's gone, but at least I got this blog.
GameFAQs is a disaster when it comes to the boards--it always has been and this seals it for me.
Oh well, we needed to reformat how we went about business.  This blog is probably a better venue for posting thoughts anyway.  We're still gonna get the message about Sega racing magic out there and I won't rest...  More normal posts to come.

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