Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Going The Distance Part 2

Last time I was talking about how if you do little things like make websites or Forza cars, they make trickle down somewhere and you can make a difference in someone's life, particularly of those in high positions...  Anyway, this is something else.

As I've said a few times, I've been into Counter-Strike 1.6 map making (screw Source) and one of the things I've done is make some maps for a Goldeneye/Perfect Dark-themed DM server.  Maps that I made were:

Complex, Frigate, Archives, Control, Caverns, Cradle, Aztec Complex, Grid, Egyptian, Carrington Institute, Area 51.

See here on this video montage that I made:

What happened was I discovered Valve Hammer Editor around '04 and I decided to fool around with it and the first map I made was the Complex.  Eventually, I spent a lot of time fine-tuning it.  Then I met this guy named dballs who was running the CS GE server.  Then I eventually hooked him up with the rest of the maps.  In return I got a few thank yous, made a few peoples' days, etc.  Didn't really earn any profit, but someone gave me a free Half-Life 2 Steam key.  I made some extra friends while I was there.  Sadly the CS GE server is six feet under so no luck trying to play it again unless you create your own server.

That was a long time ago but now I was wandering the Perfect Dark GameFAQs board and I brought up the CS maps that I made and they asked me to e-mail it to them.  They were ecstatic and their clanmates were impressed.  I really don't know to what extent I made these people happy but it's nice to know I made a difference, albeit a slight one.  Thanks for the comments SuperSlash and DarkWrath!!


Nice. I played on A51 as well. I'll have you know that it and CI are some of my favorites to play on, but no one ever wants to play on them due to a lack of sufficent players (completely understandable, given how large both maps are). I was never a fan of Pipes, but Base is cool. It would've made an amazing CS map; you should do it eventually (it'd work as a de_ map for sure).


Hey man,

Thanks for all those maps! I showed them to a few former CS clanmates who were top GE and PD players back in the day and we all were very impressed. Seriously, how the hell did you get some of those textures? Your maps are pro. Some insane talent you got there. Area 51 blew my mind, musta taken forever. Let me know if you do any other levels!!

Also I worked on this movie a few days ago and I really like it.  I like sweet DY357 kills and abstract humor:

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