Saturday, July 24, 2010

More Gamefaqs

Besides adding a few things to the site, I asked a GameFAQs mod if I could put a link to this blog in my signature.  He OKed it as long as I don't try to profit from it or post offensive material.  I don't plan on doing either so it seems fine.

Well, see it as a blessing that I got to setup this site at last because I kind of got tired dealing with the D2 board.  This time around, I can decorate the site, make it look fancy, add links.  Did you know if you click on those pictures, you go to YT videos of each game?

But there's something I can't do here that I used to do on the board. I cannot respond to other people's posts as long as they don't have their own blog.  We used to share stories and stuff , ah yes those were the days...  It seems narcisstic to me since all people can do is reply to me, not the other way around.  Oh well, there's other boards for that very thing.

GameFAQs isn't bad, it sort of redeemed itself here not just for the signature but also because since it was willing to convert my Rich-Text FAQ into Plain Text.  I just wish the gaming community as a whole acted more mature then maybe the site could lighten up a bit.

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