Monday, July 26, 2010

When Things Couldn't Get Any Stupider

Yeah, as you may know a week ago, my endeavors on the old Daytona USA 2: Power Edition board were cut short due to "off-topic" posting.  Now I post on the OutRun Online Arcade board with all my friends.  But yesterday, my new Daytona USA 2 thread on that board got deleted too, a week after I created it.  Basically, another mutiny which led to two theories:

1. A mod is stalking my topics and systematically picking them off one by one.
2. A mole/saboteur in the community is marking my topics specifically.

But WAIT!!

Besides my Daytona 2 topic, two other topics were deleted as well!  I didn't start those topics--hell I didn't even post in one of them.  Let me illustrate this for you to hopefully clear things up.  These are the active topics that have been on the board as of a few days ago:

Probable New Sega Console
Hydro Thunder DELETED
Xbox Live Dying

So that means that either some little troll picked and choose what specific topics to delete OR there's a mod out there who has discovered the board but feels that topics like Daytona 2 and Hydro Thunder are off-topic but Dreamcast and F-Zero aren't.  Either make up your damn mind on what's off-topic or not at all!

I bring this up because where else on the internet am I going to post?  If we do leave and become scattered, then we become weak, feeble, and unable to talk about good Sega racing games!

Unbelieveable.  I'm leaning towards the mod theory because I doubt someone would just mark a few topics and leave the rest standing.  When you post at GameFAQs you throw logic out the window.  Hell, everyone else has which explains the flame wars and the constant modding.  The less we talk about GameFAQs in the future, the better.  Yes, it irritates me too, I can't take it anymore.

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