Thursday, July 22, 2010

The First REAL Post!

Yes, boys and ladies, I finally got this blog to be semi-functional.  After the GameFAQs debacle, I can now be happy I got this coolio site out there.

I changed the background (omg html) and added some cool pics on the side.  I'll add more things later--I know that there's other Sega racers like OutRunners for instance...

This is something I've had going for a long time and it's a lot of Daytona USA 2 resources!  I have a lot of pictures--this includes picture of the Daytona 2 guide, the CD, an interview with Makato Osaki, Forza 3 cars, my personal pictures of the cabinet, etc.  The YouTube Playlist needs to be updated now, but it has 65 videos, not bad for now.


YT Playlist the whole list:


I also like to post things such as "fun links" which are just dumb stuff relating to the games.  Like I didn't know about this until now--back in 2006, someone made a bonafide Crazy Taxi convertible, check it out:
Also my Perfect Dark Combat Simulator Guide is up!  Look at it out if you ever play that game: