Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Going The Distance

If you believe in something and you constantly do little things to push what you believe, it will catch on.  The Internet is a very conducive to this with blogs, YouTube, message board, etc.

Like for instance, a while back, I was posting on the official Rock Band boards.  Now in the Rock Band game, they do this thing called "Battle of the Bands" where users submit a setlist with some sort of theme, whether or not it be love songs or songs that have the word "Don't" in it or something.  People play the setlist and try to set records which are recorded on a leaderboard.  Some are more creative than others.

I suggested that we make a "Hard Driving Guitar" battle that had Flirting With Disaster, Highway Star, and Kickstart My Heart.  Two months later, I go to play Rock Band and I am absolutely stunned to find that they used my idea and actually put in in the game.  It was around February '09 when this happened.  Here are pictures because you MUST see them.

I didn't come up with the description or the longest streak rules, they made it up themselves.

So what happened today.  Well, I was looking at my YouTube videos, particularly my "Forza Daytona 2 cars" video and I saw a list of sites that embedded it.  I saw Kotaku and was like "What's going on?"  Turns out this guy liked my video so much he posted it on these "Talk Amongst Yourself" or "Speakout" pages.  Needless to say, I'm stunned, thanks twinturbo2.  It didn't solicit that much attention, but for a lowly mod based on a 12-year-old game, I think it's good enough.

This is the video I was talking about (yes, I made these cars around April '10 and you can buy them off the Forza 3 storefront):

This one of the topics, you have to extend the earlier discussion 2 or 3 times (click on the label at the bottom of the page) on to get to it which is time consuming...


Or you could look at this too


Not only did someone put my video up on some page on a major gaming blog, but I also ran into the guys that worked on that "Daytona Universe" project.  You can see their stuff on deviantART or on YouTube (I have a video in my D2 playlist).  They are impressed with the picture resources that I had.

The reason I say this is because you start saying things like "Look, I made these Forza cars, I made this blog, I posted on this board" and whatnot is because it may trickle down and who knows--someone who actually works at Sega may catch on.  I'm just saying.  It seems like wishful thinking, but WHO KNOWS who's watching...

OH YEAH, I just discovered a Daytona USA spritesheet!  I didn't think something like this existed, but you proved me wrong:


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