Sunday, January 8, 2012

I'm In Florida Again And... (Highway & Rock Band Stuff)

...this s***'s about to get real.

For someone with Asperger's (yes I'm not afraid to admit it), I really hate change.  It's a trait of mine to stick to a routine (look it up) which is why I get all mopey when I have to leave to go somewhere.  Only recently have I really noticed this.  And this Christmas wasn't by any means "magical" but it was nice to spend time with my family.  Now I'm in Florida again all my lonesome, surrounded by gaming nerds again.  So this sucks ass but it's what I gotta do.


And today I drove nine hours from Louisiana to Florida all by my lonesome.  The last few times I did it, I had a wingman (my dad) to switch driving duties and call out directions like "Easy right maybe."  But no, I just cruised to Florida because I'm a pro.

Anyway, this trip was very tiring.  To keep active, I just partied in the car, singing along with every song and making jokes to myself.  I also brought a 5 Hour Energy with me just in case I were to lose consciousness along the way.  I've never taken one before so when I devoured the whole thing, it was a dramatic moment.  And guess how I felt after taking?  Exactly the same.  Apparently a shiatload of vitamins and supplements can't substitute for good old-fashioned sleep.

But you know what did wake me up?  I came to the Daytona USA soundtrack and that stuff just kicked my ass.  I got all stoked and stuff.  My favorite is the original '93/94 arcade version.  Seriously, if you ever need to get into a good mood quickly, LISTEN TO THIS.  EDIT: I hooked up my Sansa Fuze music player and listened to music the whole time.  What else?

Daytona USA is MY 5-hour ENERGY.


And I got to my apartment and my belated Christmas present I mailed to the apartment was waiting on the doorstep.  Thankfully, no one stole it (thanks lousy mailman).  What is it?  A Rock Band 3 Pro Guitar!!!  And guess what?  Yeah, I'm way behind the curve on this device (RB3 came out over a year ago) but I also suck at it.  Then again, a year ago I was equally bad at RB3 Pro Keys but I worked my way to the super-pro I am today.

Just the mere sight of this makes my head explode.  And it gets much harder than this.

If you've seen the Rock Band 3 Pro Guitar Controller (which costs about $130 new on Amazon), then you'll see it has 102 buttons and six strum bars--err, strings.  You might have to use a pick to play it.

There's also this Rocksmith game out.  Basically it's like RB3's Pro Guitar/Bass but you use an actual guitar and the game just reads the sound instead.  IIRC, that's the only instrument you can play in that game.  RB3's pro guitar frets are buttons and not strings so it's not as realistic.  But you know what?  I don't care.  I like Rock Band 3's format (various instruments, scoring, etc.) and massive library of songs.

And more importantly, I don't play RB3 for the sake of becoming a real musician either--I only have expressed interest in being a pianist/keyboardist anyway (the one instrument I enjoy the most and am the best at).  Lest you forget, Rock Band is first and foremost a GAME, not a real-life band simulator.  This whole myth that people play Rock Band/Guitar Hero to become a superstar is just asinine on many levels.  And I admit Rocksmith isn't ass like Power Gig or Rock Revolution but it's not my cup of tea (I don't even drink tea, ha).


And my second laptop (the non-school one) slipped off the bed and hit the hard floor.  Despite the sudden trauma of seeing an expensive device take a tumble, it still works fine.  However, when you shake it, it makes a slight rattling noise.  I swear, that rattling is the most f'n annoying thing in the world.  Whenever any device does that, I disassemble the thing and remove the broken pieces.  Too bad I don't have a screwdriver to remove the lid...

I could use an adrenaline boost for school.  Too bad I'm practically immune to 5-Hour Energy's effects.  I just want to slingshot past everyone and crack some heads.  Too bad I'm in a slump thanks to Christmas sucking and all that.

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  1. 1) Tea is awesome, lol. Okay, the actual tea I drink is Gold Peak Lemon Tea, which my mom says is sweet as hell, and I have to drive to the Target near Dave and Buster's to actually find one.

    2) On the road I always plug in my MP3 player and listen to OutRun, Scud Race, Daytona, Sega Rally. Gets me in the mood every time.

    3) It's not uncommon for me to drink caffeinated soda only to take a nap 10 minutes later.

    4) I'm actually in the process of ripping the new arrange tracks from Daytona 2011, since no one seems to have done this yet. I'll share a link if interested.