Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mitsuyoshi-San Busted For Having Too Much Fun

Takenobu this guy high?  Yes, he's "sky high" on life, that is.

He sings King of Speed and Let's Go Away.  Unfortunately, no Sky High.  But damn this dude is nuts.  Aside from the 2-minute interval in which he speaks to the camera (in Japanese, need a translator here), he's gettin down to the music.  This is EXACTLY what Sega needs to have again: FUN!!!

It's amazing that what was supposed to be a miniscule racing game has become a cult phenomenon like this.  I think it's strange that Mitsuyoshi so frequently sings his songs (and is clearly proud of it), yet Nagoshi just hides behind his Yakuza games.  Well, looks like Mitsuyoshi is doing his part to keep the Daytona legacy alive.  Props.

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